spring 2017 


hi there

it's been long long time since my last personal blog.

So where to start, I had a difficult time.

Last month I went to the doctor and found out  that I have small hernia on my left side and later the same day I went to the skin doctor who told me there a small mole on my face I need to remove and need to be checked (nothing to be worried but better to be safe than sorry).

This month we celebrate "Passover"

So after eating "erev seder" at my aunt house (was great) the next day

All of the family drove for 3 days' vacation to the north of Israel "beit jann in Hagalil Mountain.

From time to time thinking about my problem.

Anyway what's new in my business?

I'm keep updating my website, Facebook and twitter with interesting links twice a day daily.

I'm working on my Headstart

campaign, soon I'll finish it and start marketing on the internet.

See you soon