fall 2016


 Hi my dearest friends

It's been quite a while since I post my personal blog

Well the fall is here again and very soon the winter arrives.

Yesterday we had our first major rain in Israel

All the holidays finished until April when we have "Passover"

Om 16/10-23/10 we were supposed to travel to berlin for vacation but a day before I felt badly and we had to cancel the trip and lost all money and we are trying get the money from the insurance.

Lately my wife Samsung galaxy 5s is making lots of problems (the phone is warming up, battery finishes very quickly and the phone sometime works very slowly.

We took it to be repaired twice and changed the battery

Twice but the problems keeps happening

Know maybe will wait when I get my new galaxy 8s edge

When it come out and  I'll give my galaxy 6s edge to her

I want to inform you that with your help, we reached

Over 200k likes on our Facebook page.

I'm still looking for a sponsor for my business, anyone can help me.