sunny day


Hi my friends

How you feel

these days

Well we are in the middle of the winter


Today in Israel we had a great day sunshine 20c degree

I woke up today around eightyish drunk coffee with my wife and the made 20 min sport like always, after that

Went to bed rest it was after nine.

My wife went for Hebrew lesson.

All the time that I was resting , I thought about getting ready for going down with my wife when she come back for coffee and walk a bit, but I didn't a have  the power for it .

When my wife returned ,instead of going down for coffee we had coffee at home

During the coffee my mom called and gave me the third degree speech how I'm lazy and should have down for coffee with my wife at this great weather.

On a regular note I got a wireless charger for my Samsung galaxy 7 edge.

I was amazed how it works great.

I connected the charger to my usb port and jist put my galaxy on it and it worked so fast.

Take care my friends