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Apple supplier in India begins making components for AirPods January 30, 2023
Apple reportedly making parts for AirPods in India January 30, 2023
Kuo: Apple to Release Foldable iPad With Carbon Fiber Kickstand in 2024 January 30, 2023
Samsung boosts network unit with Ericsson hires January 30, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Long-Term Review: The Noteworthy Performer January 30, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S23 128GB could use UFS 3.1 storage January 30, 2023
In Japan, people of esteem go viral for playing video games and making purchases in the donation cart January 30, 2023
Government proposes to ban video games that manipulate young minds with hidden messages January 30, 2023
HBO’s The Last of Us improves on the game’s implied gay romance January 30, 2023
Startups solving problems of education, health, for 1 bn people for India and also for world: Amitabh Kant January 29, 2023
Economy alters startup landscape for founders, teachers, investors January 29, 2023
70-plus Indian startups show exit door to 21K techies, more expected January 29, 2023
With growing backlash to wind energy, Michigan turns to solar power January 29, 2023
Trustee questions use of ground-mount solar panels at Golden Hills Elementary January 29, 2023
NASA announces launch date to visit asteroid worth 70,000 times global economy January 29, 2023
A NASA spacecraft discovers a formation on Mars resembling a bear January 29, 2023
Give Your Closet a Budget-Friendly Spring Makeover With This Trendy Amazon-Famous Collection January 29, 2023
What’s coming to Disney+ and Amazon Prime in February January 29, 2023
Pioneers React to Amazon Pi Domain January 29, 2023
Apple Watch Ultra is the ‘official wearable’ of the World Surf League January 29, 2023
Bug fixes this week | Vulnerabilities in Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung products fixed January 29, 2023
Apple search would be Google’s ‘get out of jail free’ card January 29, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Starting From €1,399 In Germany January 29, 2023
Flashback: the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite punched above its weight January 29, 2023
Internet compares Samsung’s latest gadget to Rin detergent bar and you can’t unsee it January 29, 2023
Video games: the fever of the Covid years has subsided January 29, 2023
A revolutionary control for ordinary, virtual and augmented reality video games is designed in China January 29, 2023
Guardian: Can video games change people’s minds about the climate crisis? January 29, 2023
It is the most popular saga with time travel in science fiction cinema, but its producers didn’t want to ruin it with further sequels: “We’re not going to make our children whores”. January 28, 2023
Amazon will start charging Prime members for grocery orders smaller than $150 January 28, 2023
Amazon Fresh is charging more for grocery delivery to ‘help keep prices low’ January 28, 2023
Amazon selling Bay area offices to unwind COVID expansion January 28, 2023
Tesla Stock Rallies On Optimistic Outlook From Elon Musk January 28, 2023
Tesla, Community College Association, Team Up to Train Electric Vehicle Workforce January 28, 2023
Microsoft Defender Vulnerability Management Adds ‘Authenticated Scan for Windows’ Capability January 28, 2023
Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is Confident Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition Will Go Through January 28, 2023
From Dark Souls lava to cursed Zelda NPCs, the internet’s “useless video game knowledge” is actually really cool January 28, 2023
Different types of screen-based sedentary time and anxiety in adolescents: Video games may be more important January 28, 2023
The best 100 games of all time, ranked January 28, 2023
Shrinking Recap: Grade the Premiere of Apple TV+’s Ted Lasso-esque Comedy January 28, 2023
Apple updated billions of products this week—here’s everything they got January 28, 2023
This Week in Apple: Feel the elephant January 28, 2023
Last chance to reserve the Samsung Galaxy S23 and save $100 January 28, 2023
Samsung’s 65-inch The Frame TV crashes to record-low price ahead Super Bowl January 28, 2023
On AVoX: Samsung January 28, 2023
RTX 40-Series Laptops vs RTX 30-Series Gaming Laptops January 27, 2023
Images of the Samsung Galaxy Book3 360, Book3 Pro, and Book3 Pro 360 laptops surface January 27, 2023
Vi Foundation, Ericsson India set up robotic lab January 27, 2023
Three startups make a dent in America’s child-care crisis January 27, 2023
Australian Open admits seven sports tech startups to incubator January 27, 2023
Decoding India’s Insurtech Startups’ Expectations From Budget 2023 January 27, 2023
A $1,250 Galaxy S23 Ultra? Here’s how Samsung can justify that cost January 27, 2023
Save $1,200 on the Samsung S95B OLED 4K, XDA’s favorite smart TV January 27, 2023
Samsung Biologics Reports Fourth Quarter & Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results January 27, 2023
Apple’s M2 Pro Mac mini upgrade pricing makes no sense next to the Mac Studio January 27, 2023
iOS 17 Rumored to Support Apple’s AR/VR Headset January 27, 2023
Apple Watch Series X or Watch X rumoured to replace Watch Series 8 instead of Watch Series 9 January 27, 2023
12 Secret Amazon Prime Perks for Members (BRB, We’re Grabbing Our Free Movie Tickets!) January 27, 2023
Amazon employees are already using ChatGPT for software coding. They also found the AI chatbot can answer tricky AWS customer questions and write cloud training materials. January 27, 2023
Amazon Enters Web3 Jungle With NFT Initiative Launching This Spring January 27, 2023
10 Video Games To Boost Your Creativity January 27, 2023
Not Just Fun: New Study Indicates Video Games Can Improve Career Prospects January 27, 2023
Free Play: What makes a good video game? January 27, 2023
LDC seeks startups for new climate prize January 26, 2023
Ready, set, pitch. The five reasons to participate in VivaTech’s Startup Challenges January 26, 2023
How startups can protect their IP: 8 tips from a patent attorney January 26, 2023
NASA spotted a rock formation on Mars that looks just like a giant bear face January 26, 2023
OYA Renewables community solar projects benefit underserved New Yorkers January 26, 2023
BepiColombo and Solar Orbiter compare notes at Venus January 26, 2023
Germany launches new tender for 1.95GW of solar PV January 26, 2023
Apple’s official iPhone 13 Silicone MagSafe Case hits $23 all-time low (Reg. $49) January 26, 2023
Apple iPhones, iPads And MacBooks Are Getting More Expensive January 26, 2023
This Apple leaker just revealed tons of changes for iOS 17 and iPhone 15 January 26, 2023
The 14 Best lululemon Lookalikes TikTok Found on Amazon to Revamp Your Workout Clothes This Winter January 26, 2023
Selma women helping tornado recovery through Amazon wish list January 26, 2023
Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) with Clock review: A delightful time January 26, 2023
Streaming star SypherPK opens $10M Oni Studios near Austin January 26, 2023
Games Inbox: The Last Of Us as the best written video game, GoldenEye 007 remake, and Fallout TV January 26, 2023
GoldenEye 007 Hits Nintendo Switch, Xbox on Friday January 26, 2023
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Review: Solid contender in the sub-Rs 20,000 segment January 26, 2023
New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra camera sample leaks are a mix of impressive and disappointing January 26, 2023
Samsung Electronics introduces new energy efficient air conditioner January 26, 2023
Apple beefs up smartphone services in ‘silent war’ against Google January 25, 2023
Apple debuts programs highlighting data privacy and security January 25, 2023
Apple Begins Hiring for Effort to Bring Retail Chain to Malaysia January 25, 2023
Video gaming and creation rhythms January 25, 2023
Source codes of video games League of Legends, TFT stolen after cyber attack: Riot Games January 25, 2023
Best 10 Sports Video Games to Play in 2023 January 25, 2023
Samsung beware! New £89 Android phone offers big features on a small budget January 25, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Look at these insane leaked night mode and 30x zoom photos January 25, 2023
Tesla is about to announce a new factory in Nevada, says governor January 25, 2023
Has Elon Musk’s Twitter Circus Hurt Tesla? We Find Out Today January 25, 2023
Microsoft services outage: Company says rolling back network change to fix problem January 25, 2023
Microsoft services face major outage; Teams, Outlook, Store stop responding January 25, 2023
‘Robots are treated better’: Amazon warehouse workers stage first-ever strike in the UK January 25, 2023
Amazon Offers $5 Monthly Prescription Drug Plan January 25, 2023
Alexa Fund’s Paul Bernard talks OpenAI, what’s catching his eye and remaining relevant as Amazon restructures Ingrid Lunden, Br January 25, 2023
ConTech investment weathered last year’s shaky economy January 25, 2023
Minnesota organizations seek startups for 2023 accelerator programs January 25, 2023
Kind’s Lubetzky fronts equity platform to help other startups forge their own ‘rags-to-riches’ story January 25, 2023
Robotic technology used in heart surgery at Galway hospital January 24, 2023
Robots can do what now? January 24, 2023
Failures are valuable IP: Protect your startup’s negative trade secrets Eugene Y. Mar, January 24, 2023
How to Make Your Lean Startup Work With Almost No Money January 24, 2023
VC investment in Indian startups plunge 38% in 2022 January 24, 2023
Acer Boosts its Gaming Portfolio with New Predator Laptops and Monitors January 24, 2023
The days of noisy laptops could be coming to an end January 24, 2023
Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra selfie camera may be getting the upgrades it needs January 24, 2023
Samsung Wallet vs Samsung Pay: What’s new and what’s different? January 24, 2023
Vanilla Galaxy S23 is getting a brightness boost January 24, 2023
Amazon launches RxPass, a $5/month Prime add-on for all-you-need generic drugs covering 80 conditions Ingrid Lunden January 24, 2023
Amazon layoffs hit drone division January 24, 2023
Deal | Anker 735 Nano II GaN charger marked down by 28% on Amazon January 24, 2023
‘Woke brigade is after video games’: Xbox becomes first ‘carbon aware’ console, but not everyone is happy January 24, 2023
Video Game Industry Hit with Layoffs January 24, 2023
How gaming companies like Ubisoft want to expand screen adaption after the success of HBO’s The Last of Us January 24, 2023
Apple iOS 16.3 is here: New features, how to download and other details January 24, 2023
Apple AirTag tracking device found hidden under marked NYPD vehicle hood January 24, 2023
Jinko starts work on 300 MW Saad solar PV project in KSA January 22, 2023
Omani firm to set up 100 MV solar PV project in Suhar January 22, 2023
NASA shares breathtaking image of Saturn and its rings, internet calls it ‘majestic planet’ January 22, 2023
Operation IceBridge: All you need to know about NASA’s newly found rare iceberg January 22, 2023
Sanjay Mehta-led 100X.VC Invests $4 Mn In 25 Indian Startups In Its Eighth Cohort January 22, 2023
[Funding Galore] From PhonePe To Locad — Indian Startups Raised $455 Mn This Week January 22, 2023
Sergey Tokarev: Ukrainian Tech Circle supports Ukrainian IT startups under the war condition January 22, 2023
Samsung Galaxy Book Go – Prices, Specs and Features January 22, 2023
Galaxy Z Fold 5 in disguise? Samsung shows off a fully-rotating foldable phone January 22, 2023
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G vs OPPO A1 Pro: Which One Of The Two Stand Out? We Compare Them To Simplify Your Choice January 22, 2023
10 Video Games HBO Needs To Adapt After Last of Us January 22, 2023
10 Video Games That Would’ve Won The Game Awards’ Game Of The Year In The ’80s January 22, 2023
VIDEO GAMES: A Star-Studded Celebration: Mario Party Superstars January 22, 2023
Deal | Logitech G Pro mechanical gaming keyboard discounted by 54% on Amazon January 22, 2023
First industrial action at Amazon UK hopes to strike at firm’s union hostility January 22, 2023
The Cutest Shoes You Didn’t Know You Could Get From Amazon: Schutz, Sam Edelman, Veja, UGG & More January 22, 2023
How Apple has so far avoided layoffs January 22, 2023
Apple has so far avoided mass layoffs unlike Google and Microsoft, but why January 22, 2023
Winners and Losers: Apple updates its Mac line as smartphone sales plummet January 22, 2023
‘Divinity’ Teaser: Steven Soderberg Produces Eddie Alcazar’s Sci-Fi Film Starring Stephen Dorff, Scott Bakula, & Bella Thorne January 21, 2023
‘Jung_ee’: Emotional sci-fi film from ‘Train to Busan’ director for Netflix recounts fascinating future dominated by artificial intelligence January 21, 2023
Major Tesla investor says Elon Musk threw TSLA shareholders under the bus to buy Twitter January 21, 2023
Tesla ramps up communications as Elon Musk becomes more controversial January 21, 2023
All I feel is gratitude…: Microsoft employee who was fired after 21 yrs of service January 21, 2023
Microsoft Organised Private Sting Concert At Davos Before Announcing Mass Layoffs: Report January 21, 2023
Samsung is working on Lifelike Pixels for OLED screens January 21, 2023
Samsung’s new folding screen can fold both ways January 21, 2023
Samsung working on ‘Lifelike Pixels’ for OLED screens January 21, 2023
Amazon, other Pentagon cloud service providers face zero-trust test January 21, 2023
Amazon to spend $35 billion on data center expansion plan in Virginia January 21, 2023
This At-Home Covid-19 Rapid Test Is In Stock at Amazon for The Winter January 21, 2023
Illinois College to host gaming fanfest January 21, 2023
Picking the best Star Wars video games ever January 21, 2023
Apple Glasses delay? In my view, there’s nothing to see here… January 21, 2023
The 7 Best Apps for the Apple Watch Ultra January 21, 2023
Apple begins layoffs in some retail channels – AppleInsider January 21, 2023
Watch: This Humanoid Robot Can Run, Jump And Throw Things Like Humans, Internet Fascinated January 20, 2023
New tech gives hope for a million people with epilepsy January 20, 2023
Amazon Great Republic Day Sale – best deals on laptops for students January 20, 2023
Top 5 enterprise laptops to work your way through 2023 January 20, 2023
Durham startup Higharc raises additional $1.3M from strategic investor January 20, 2023
Web3 fashion startup Syky raises $9.5M January 20, 2023
How startups are using AI for fixing challenges in traditional financial services January 20, 2023
Samsung’s paltry Galaxy S23 preorder bonus sends the wrong message to its most loyal customers January 20, 2023
Hisense TVs will be all mini-LED in 2023, and Samsung needs to do the same January 20, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S23 Series May Not See a Price Hike in the US January 20, 2023
Bundesliga and ESPN paved the way for MLS-Apple deal January 20, 2023
iOS 16.3 Code Reveals Apple Continues to Work on Classical Music App January 20, 2023
Beta iOS 16.3 code shows Apple Music Classical is still coming January 20, 2023
10 Worst Video Game Movies January 20, 2023
Full PlayStation VR2 launch roster announced January 20, 2023
Amazon axes charity program amid wider cost-cutting moves January 20, 2023
Amazon’s dominance has limits: Here’s what consumers still buy directly from makers January 20, 2023
Amazon warehouse’s delayed opening frustrates West Humboldt Park residents January 20, 2023
Lightsource BP offloads 247MW Spanish solar January 19, 2023
China sets another solar record despite supply chain disruptions January 19, 2023
5 Leading Startups That Will Skyrocket in 2023 January 19, 2023
Berkeley SkyDeck Opens Applications for 16th Cohort of Startups January 19, 2023
Marcos Martín, Founder and CEO of Decelera, will speak at this year’s EU-Startups Summit on April 20-21 in Barcelona! January 19, 2023
NASA scales back project to send scientists to ISS January 19, 2023
NASA and Boeing join hands to develop new sustainable aircraft design to fight emissions January 19, 2023
Amazon fined by regulators for unsafe warehouse work conditions Amanda Silberling January 19, 2023
Amazon Starts Latest Job Cuts Focusing on Retail and HR January 19, 2023
Amazon Prime Membership Is Reportedly Past Its Prime January 19, 2023
Why Do People Play Video Games January 19, 2023
8 Classic Nintendo and PlayStation Games You Can Now Play Online January 19, 2023
Microsoft downsizing hits Xbox business, with cuts in video game studios behind titles Halo and Starfield January 19, 2023
Samsung Galaxy A24 appears on Geekbench January 19, 2023
Samsung Galaxy S23 series to feature faster RAM than earlier rumored January 19, 2023
Massive Samsung Galaxy S23 leak reveals all the juicy details before launch January 19, 2023
Apple to bring Chinese suppliers to boost production in India January 19, 2023
Read Spotify’s Joint Letter with European Companies Calling for Meaningful Regulatory Action Against Apple January 19, 2023
Deals News Tim Cook really wants you to buy Apple’s MagSafe charger, now on sale for $30 January 19, 2023
Microsoft to cut US engineering jobs as layoffs go deep January 18, 2023
Microsoft to fire thousands of employees across multiple divisions January 18, 2023
Startup job openings continue to slide – but it’s not time to panic, investors say January 18, 2023
Inside Alameda’s European startup portfolio January 18, 2023
MassChallenge and MITRE Select 10 Startups for the MITRE Social Innovation Mentorship Program January 18, 2023
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