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Brick Hospitality Partners with Relay Robotics to Deploy Guest Service Robots Across All Hotel Properties June 9, 2024
What’s Trending: Robot pedestrians, two-headed snake June 9, 2024
RBR50 Spotlight: Amazon strengthens robotics portfolio with heavy duty mobile robot June 5, 2024
Robotics Transforms Greenhouse Horticulture May 28, 2024
A new strategy to build Australia’s robotics future May 28, 2024
Floating robots reveal just how much airborne dust fertilises the Southern Ocean – a key climate ‘shock absorber’ May 16, 2024
Is this autonomous security guard robot the protection you need? May 16, 2024
Can robots be used to extract ice on the moon? This NASA research fellow from Northeastern wants to find out May 8, 2024
“Keep the nuclear codes away from that robot” May 8, 2024
Local robotics team headed to World Championships April 14, 2024
April’s Manufacturing Lunch + Learn March 31, 2024
Robot Message Therapists Taking Over March 31, 2024
How Samantha Johnson And Tatum Robotics Want To Make The World More Accessible To Deaf-Blind People Everywhere March 26, 2024
Valley teams score in top 10 at regional robotics event March 26, 2024
Nvidia ventures into humanoid robotics with Project GR00T March 20, 2024
Poway High’s Team Spyder wins big at FIRST Robotics Competition March 20, 2024
Gladstone BraveBots alliance wins robotics tournament March 12, 2024
World’s largest laptop vendor quietly releases robot with six legs — Lenovo Daystar Bot GS is IP-rated and reminds us of Boston Dynamics’ andro-dogs March 12, 2024
Robots enhance services, efficiency during Spring Festival holiday in China February 22, 2024
Robots and happy workers: Productivity surge helps explain US economy’s surprising resilience February 22, 2024
Scientists build robot based on creature that lived 500 million years ago February 17, 2024
The Intersection of Physics and Robotics: Innovations and Challenges February 17, 2024
Corning-Painted Post High School hosts robotics tournament February 12, 2024
Afara robotic cotton picker salvages leftover cotton February 12, 2024
A Companion Robot That Might Want to Hurt You February 11, 2024
Hutton robot operational post start-up firm’s collapse February 11, 2024
Blastoff! Virtual Incision’s surgical robot becomes the first sent to the International Space Station February 4, 2024
STEAMing toward competition with the Sutton High Robotics team February 4, 2024
New robotic sensor uses AI to read Braille at 2x the speed of humans January 30, 2024
Students given hands-on robotic surgery experience January 30, 2024
Investors see Microsoft’s stock market value leaving Apple behind January 30, 2024
Grasshoppers are being terrorised by robot dinosaurs January 26, 2024
Solo Citizen Protection Robots January 26, 2024
BMW Humanoid Factory Robots January 19, 2024
Smallest, lightest, fastest micro-robots ever devised, experts claim January 19, 2024
How robotics is revolutionising crop harvesting and innovating the fields bl-premium-article-image January 14, 2024
China works on urban combat robot January 14, 2024
Clevon autonomous vehicle delivers and collects linen from tourist resort January 7, 2024
CES 2024 will see AI in everything from robots to laptops — here’s what to expect January 7, 2024
AI technology fosters robotics transformation January 2, 2024
AI-powered land robots to bolster the Army’s power in tough terrain: Learn about its offensive and defensive potential January 2, 2024
Young engineers display their robotics skills December 21, 2023
Absent students in Kumamoto can now attend school via robot December 13, 2023
Mission accomplished: AI gives autonomy to space robots December 6, 2023
Realtime Robotics and HLS Engineering unite for automation optimisation December 6, 2023
New method uses crowdsourced feedback to help train robots November 27, 2023
New robots for PV plant inspections November 24, 2023
Robot builds dry stone walls all by itself November 24, 2023
Explora robotics team gears up for international competition November 20, 2023
Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse LIVE: International Team, DRDO’s Micro-Drones, Robots Called In November 20, 2023
Nvidia Wins SC23, But Gets Socked by Microsoft’s AI Chip November 17, 2023
Could a robot chemist create oxygen on Mars using AI? November 15, 2023
5 tech things: Sodexo plans healthcare robot patient support pilot for 2024 November 15, 2023
Jenkins High Robotics Team makes sock donation to homeless shelter November 11, 2023
Pine River-Backus robotics team brings home first-place trophy November 11, 2023
The Marines put an anti-tank rocket on a ‘robotic goat’ November 7, 2023
Today’s Cache | Elon Musk to integrate AI startup with X; Humanoid robots and their problems; OpenAI plans for developer conference debut November 7, 2023
Knoxville leaders approves to hold off on expanding robot deliveries in the city November 1, 2023
UAA Robotics Open House shows off robots and a 3D printer November 1, 2023
Tokyo start-up unveils mobile suit robot October 29, 2023
FBR’s Brick-Laying Hadrian X Robot Successfully Builds Curved Wall October 29, 2023
‘Loki’ Season 2 Costume Designer on Inspiration from NASA & Her Favorite Costume October 27, 2023
Abrazo Health to host free event to learn about Scottsdale hospital’s surgical robots October 22, 2023
Dairy Focus: Labour issues lead brothers to switch to Lely robots October 22, 2023
Humans more likely to relax, when they work with robots October 20, 2023
Amazon Robots Are Taking Over Company’s Biggest Job October 20, 2023
Amazon starts testing new robot that can lift items in warehouses October 20, 2023
Amazon will start testing drones that will drop prescriptions on your doorstep October 19, 2023
Amazon plans to start drone deliveries in the UK and Italy next year October 19, 2023
Amazon Begins One-Hour Drone Delivery in Texas for Medications October 19, 2023
Meet the Robot That Might Take Care of Your Grandparents October 16, 2023
Security firms develop drones and robots amid labor shortage October 16, 2023
Dürr, Kawasaki Robotics Team Up for Robot-Assisted Painting Systems October 13, 2023
Automating Reality Capture on Job Sites with Drones, Ground Robots, and More: Users Perspective October 13, 2023
New robot to help Penn Highlands students learn October 10, 2023
Google DeepMind Creates AI System to Train General-Purpose Robots October 10, 2023
Autonomous Security Robots Deployed At Ameristar Black Hawk October 7, 2023
Food delivery robots are defending themselves with video footage October 3, 2023
Police Robot October 3, 2023
Outwrite Robots: Write a Better Press Release Than AI September 30, 2023
Robots working in the food industry in Kuwait September 30, 2023
GPS guided robots are being used to paint sports fields September 26, 2023
Scientists test farm robots to help address world’s food crisis September 26, 2023
This facility will be the first to mass produce human-like robots September 20, 2023
Las Vegas Venue to Add 5 Humanoid Robots to Help Guests September 20, 2023
Inside Love Death + Robots Volume IV: Netflix’s Adult Animation Marvel September 15, 2023
Ian Abraham awarded NSF Faculty Early Career Development award September 15, 2023
World’s first humanoid pilot robot operates aircraft using AI | ANC September 11, 2023
ECOVACS Launches Revolutionary DEEBOT X2 OMNI Robot Cleaner Please credit and share this article with others using this link: View our policies at and © Bangkok Post PCL. All rights reserved. September 11, 2023
Meet the small origami robot with potential for big things September 8, 2023
Intelligent robots showcased at Smart China Expo September 6, 2023
Just a matter of time before robots, AI handle pesticide spraying September 6, 2023
KinderLab Robotics Debuts AI Curriculum for Young Learners September 2, 2023
Tiny, shape-shifting robot can squish itself into tight spaces August 31, 2023
Robots enhance prospectors’ role as GeologicAI and peers scan drill core assays August 31, 2023
Georgia College & State University expands meal options for students August 27, 2023
From Underdog To Titan: How DC’s Peacemaker Now Rules With Giant Robots August 27, 2023
New spine robot added to UAB’s robotic surgery lineup August 24, 2023
See the coolest and strangest machines from the World Robot Conference August 24, 2023
Robotics field gears for upswing August 19, 2023
Jen and Tonic Fundraiser to Support Robotics, STEM Programs August 19, 2023
The Dawn Of Humanoid Robotics: A Glimpse Into The Future August 15, 2023
UI offering Idaho’s first robotics certificates with industrial focus August 15, 2023
Robot lawn mowers roll out in Duluth August 11, 2023
I’ve never met a Wawa I didn’t like – until I met ‘robot Wawa’ August 11, 2023
Robots powered by AI from Fremont startup work to help save the planet August 9, 2023
Robots in a Half-Shell August 9, 2023
Growing Your Startup’s Capital with Effective Trading Strategies August 8, 2023
Teams from across North America compete in robotics competition at MOA August 5, 2023
The Impact of Industrial Robots on Profits Takes Time, Study Shows August 5, 2023
Amazon, iRobot Agree to Lower Acquisition Price July 26, 2023
SoftBank and Symbotic launch new joint venture GreenBox July 25, 2023
Autonomous robots for solar installation gain traction July 25, 2023
Stellantis to Build Second US Electric Vehicle Battery Plant in Joint Venture With Samsung July 24, 2023
Avail Medsystems Announces Participation Throughout the Society of Robotic Surgery (SRS) Annual Meeting July 21, 2023
When robots perform operations on humans July 20, 2023
Robotic Vacuum Cleaners: The Best Way to Keep Your Home Clean July 20, 2023
ShackStream: Gravity Circuit delivers retro fighting robot action on Indie-licious July 18, 2023
Why TikTokers are pretending to be robots and saying ‘ice cream so good’ July 18, 2023
PK Sound Releases New Version of .dynamics Robotic System Control Software July 16, 2023
They create a humanoid robot to combat global aging July 16, 2023
GPTs And Robotics: Why It’s Crucial To Create Failsafes July 12, 2023
Agricultural Robots (Agribots) Market Size, Top Players, Statistics, Forecast and Outlook 2023-2028 July 12, 2023
Meet Nadine: How AI robots could play future role as companions in care homes July 9, 2023
AI robots make bold claim at UN conference: They’re ready to ‘run the world’ July 9, 2023
Robot publishes error-filled article on Gizmodo website July 6, 2023
AIGC and robots take spotlight as WAIC 2023 opens in Shanghai July 6, 2023
10 European robotics startups revolutionising the future June 30, 2023
Sunpure Provides Intelligent PV Cleaning Robots For 10 Projects In MENA June 26, 2023
UP: India’s Largest Robot Manufacturing Unit Inaugurated In Greater Noida; To Generate Over 3,000 High-Skill Jobs June 26, 2023
Adding AI Brains to Robotic Vessels Could Transform the Workforce June 23, 2023
11 Crucial Safety Considerations for Implementing Robotics and AI in Your Warehouse June 23, 2023
Chicago area landscaping company deploys its first autonomous mowing robots this season June 9, 2023
Robot Performs 1,100 Rebar-Ties-Per-Hour on Wis. Bridge Job June 6, 2023
Japanese AI startup launches robot for home use June 6, 2023
Northwest Arkansas Education Service Cooperative considers starting a regional robotics training center June 3, 2023
Bomb-Diffusing Robot Company Signs $30M Australian Defense Contract June 3, 2023
Japan startup raises ¥4 billion to build space robot workforce May 30, 2023
April 2023 Robotics Investments Total $1.63 Billion May 30, 2023
Explore this article to describe how Tesla’s humanoid robots are redefining the future of automation May 27, 2023
Revolutionizing Warehouse Efficiency with HAI Robotics’ Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACRs) May 27, 2023
Why it matters if robots have charismatic voices May 23, 2023
Dyson’s new robot vacuum promises to clean every corner May 23, 2023
Doctors’ Center Hospital Orlando Health to launch robotic surgery program May 19, 2023
Schools Hold 8th Annual Elementary Robotics Showcase May 19, 2023
How robots could dramatically speed up solar farm construction May 18, 2023
Robotic surgery: Cornwall surgeon to raise money towards new technology May 16, 2023
Aerobotix and FerRobotics to showcase new robotic taping kit at Automate 2023 May 16, 2023
Robots bring food to guests at a new WNY restaurant. #shorts May 13, 2023
Robotic radio tower has potential to revolutionise communication in war-torn Ukraine, natural disaster zones May 13, 2023
Kassow Robots’ KR1805 cobot offers 7th axis, extended reach May 10, 2023
Russia’s Mayak develops robots for hazardous environments May 10, 2023
Robotics team raises funds to attend competition May 7, 2023
Next-level experience: Hampton Roads robotics team looks back on ‘most competitive’ season yet May 7, 2023
Modular Framework Laptop 13 now comes with newest AMD Ryzen 7040U “Phoenix” APUs May 5, 2023
Robot vs. human: Saskatoon brewer goes head to head with ChatGPT-designed beer May 5, 2023
BacterAI: New AI system enables robots to conduct 10,000 scientific experiments a day May 5, 2023
Honkai Star Rail: Robot Settlement Treasures And Warp Trotters Locations (Jarilo-VI) May 1, 2023
What’s Right With Our School: Ridgeland Robotics Team April 25, 2023
Video shows woman bash Chinese hospital robot April 25, 2023
Cyborgs and Cherries: The Unlikely Connection- This AI Approach Uses Reinforcement Learning to Teach Robots How to Use Chopsticks April 22, 2023
Robots + Humans president Rob Ronaldson talks Mimi Webb’s billion streams breakthrough April 22, 2023
The robots are coming ― to pick Northwest apples April 19, 2023
Starship Technologies Launches Robot Food Delivery Service at WPI April 19, 2023
Simone Giertz: Queen of Sh*tty Robots, Innovative Engineering, and Design | Lex Fridman Podcast #372 April 17, 2023
The AI revolution: Google’s artificial intelligence developers on what’s next in the field April 17, 2023
Local robotics organization prepares youth for careers in STEM April 16, 2023
Feasibility of simultaneous development of laparoscopic and robotic pancreaticoduodenectomy April 16, 2023
Servi Restaurant Robot Gets Design Upgrades April 15, 2023
DeSantis bucks his robot reputation in New Hampshire April 15, 2023
RoboCop? No, RoboDog: Robotic dog rejoins New York police April 12, 2023
Robotics team on its way to world championship April 12, 2023
Coupang to build logistics center operated by robots porters to improve work environment April 11, 2023
Autonomous robot company that helps military, police opens plant in Huntsville April 11, 2023
Are robot waiters the future? Some restaurants think so April 10, 2023
Multibagger stock secures Robotic Process Automation project from US-based consulting company, scrip up 142% from 52-week-low April 10, 2023
Gatik to start deliveries with Kroger in Texas April 10, 2023
“Concordance Healthcare Solutions Chooses Locus Robotics AMR Robots to Handle High Volume Orders in the US Healthcare Industry.” April 8, 2023
Lutheran Central fifth-graders qualify for robotics world competition April 7, 2023
Daft Punk member ‘terrified’ of AI — despite performing as a ‘robot’ April 6, 2023
Valley robotic teams compete April 6, 2023
I am being terrorised by my robot vacuum cleaner April 5, 2023
When Humans and Robots Collide April 5, 2023
St. Thomas More robotics team headed to world championship April 5, 2023
Will EV Charging Robots Be Common in the Future? April 4, 2023
Mind-Controlled Robots: New Graphene Sensors Are Turning Science Fiction Into Reality April 4, 2023
Forgive or forget: What happens when robots lie? April 2, 2023
The use of robots in retail to promote ESG practices April 2, 2023
Meta reports key advancements in AI and robotics April 2, 2023
Interphex 2023: Steriline provides flexible robotic technologies for small batch aseptic filling April 1, 2023
Mars cave-exploring robots take inspiration from Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumb trick April 1, 2023
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