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Video Games

‘Groomed for future gambling’: Call for loot box video games to be adult-only March 30, 2023
AI art is now banned in video games – can it last? March 30, 2023
Black developers push to diversify the creators behind the pixels March 30, 2023
BIG VIDEO GAMES DEBUT IN 2023 March 29, 2023
South Korea’s Krafton to acquire 10% of Polish video games maker PCF Group March 29, 2023
‘Tetris’: Meet the Real-Life Video Game Masterminds Behind the Upcoming Film (Exclusive) March 28, 2023
Miracle Monday: Golisano Children’s Hospital integrates video games into treatment March 28, 2023
Local kids’ author Dustin Brady reaches game-obsessed youth by using video games as the basis for his books March 28, 2023
Netflix to release 40 video games this year, 70 in development March 27, 2023
I used GPT4 to build two new video games after ChatGPT helped me write a children’s book. It makes coding approachable — even if it seems like it’s only half-listening. March 27, 2023
How video games can get you a job at a hedge fund or HFT firm March 27, 2023
3 Video Games from PAX 2022 March 22, 2023
The Negative Effects of Video Games That Weren’t Intended For Kids March 22, 2023
School WiFi should not block students from playing video games March 22, 2023
Netflix Games Is Still Happening. Just Don’t Hold Your Breath March 21, 2023
The number of Black video game developers is small, but strong March 21, 2023
B.C. parent launches class-action lawsuit against makers of Fortnite March 21, 2023
Jirard the Completionist buys all 3DS, Wii U games before eShop closes March 20, 2023
How Video Games and Their Music Impacted My Life March 20, 2023
The Evolution of Video Game Controllers: From Coleco Telstar to PS5’s Dual Sense controllers March 20, 2023
Should Video Games Be Adapted? March 19, 2023
Nintendo should start making mature rated video games – Reader’s Feature March 19, 2023
With few job openings, Iraqi youth find work in creative ways March 19, 2023
Hollywood and the Games Industry Pay Tribute to Lance Reddick: ‘We Just Lost a Beautiful Human’ March 18, 2023
Banshees Of Inisherin Gets Turned Into A Video Game, And You Can Play It Right Now March 18, 2023
Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – All Wisp locations March 18, 2023
Hunters (video game series) March 17, 2023
Video games in the Murray as candidates clash over live stream March 17, 2023
Where are the dancesport video games? March 17, 2023
The Strong announces 2023 finalists for Video Game Hall of Fame March 16, 2023
How Chile became an indie video game powerhouse in Latin America March 16, 2023
Predators targeting children through social media and video games March 16, 2023
Microsoft Inks Xbox Game Deal With Boosteroid Cloud Service March 15, 2023
How video games can make you smarter and further your career March 15, 2023
The Evolution Of 20 Video Game Characters March 15, 2023
When gamers play games, they see beautiful visuals, objects, and motions and hear sounds that push their adrenaline to the top. March 14, 2023
What other video games has ‘The Last of Us’ star Troy Baker appeared in? March 14, 2023
Research Manager – Video Game + Technology Insights March 13, 2023
The Last of Us – Episode 9 Finale Recap – ‘Look for the Light’ March 13, 2023
‘Hogwarts Legacy’ video game gives solidly fun wizarding experience March 13, 2023
Steam Makes One of the Best Games of All Time $1.99 March 12, 2023
I sold my retro video games to buy a PS5 and PSVR2 – Reader’s Feature March 12, 2023
The 10 Best Games That Revived A Series March 12, 2023
Generally, people use video games to connect with their friends and meet new ones, according to the extension I’ll take it March 10, 2023
Anna Maria student’s passion for gaming takes eSports team to new heights March 10, 2023
A Look at Morality in Video Games March 10, 2023
‘Resident Evil 4’ And 7 Other Upcoming Video Games In March 2023 March 9, 2023
Nefasto’s Misadventure Is An Offbeat Point-And-Click About Corrupt Video Game Data March 9, 2023
New IAB Study Reveals Five Misperceptions About Video Game Advertising March 9, 2023
10 Best Video Game Franchises That Got Their Start On The SNES March 8, 2023
2023 is already an excellent year for rhythm games March 8, 2023
Mario Day 2023 is this week and Nintendo Switch deals are here early at Amazon, Best Buy and more March 7, 2023
Steam has reached 10 million concurrent in-game players for the first time March 7, 2023
Iran Uses Video Games To Spread Propaganda March 7, 2023
Nier: Automata ver1.1a is my new favorite anime video game adaptation March 6, 2023
VIDEO GAMES: From Screen To Skill-time Benefits For Children March 6, 2023
How did The Last of Us change David and his group from the video game? March 6, 2023
Mobile and video games that help you lose weight March 5, 2023
Harmful Impact of Video Games on Children March 5, 2023
LEGO Star Wars named among the best movie tie-in video games of all time March 4, 2023
Nintendo Switch game turns a roll of toilet paper into your controller March 4, 2023
Free video games of the month of March 2023: it’s time to riot, Xbox, Epic and Amazon Gaming March 4, 2023
The Mandalorian Season 3 Is Already Structured Like A Bethesda Video Game, For Better Or Worse March 2, 2023
10 Best Video Game Remakes, Ranked March 2, 2023
OU Professor auctions off video game from childhood for thousands of dollars March 2, 2023
Community Management Lead – Video Games at Keywords Studios March 1, 2023
Cyberpunk 2077 is now Steam Deck verified March 1, 2023
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered sees massive discount through Nintendo eShop February 28, 2023
The number of Black video game developers is small, but strong February 28, 2023
Video games can be as complex and immersive as any TV show or movie. However, does that make video games art..? February 28, 2023
7 Reasons Why Kids Playing Video Games Isn’t Bad February 27, 2023
HBO’s The Last Of Us Is Continuing A Concerning Pattern From The Video Games Read More: February 27, 2023
If You Enjoy ‘The Last of Us’ Then You Need To Play This Other Post-Apocalypse Game February 27, 2023
Immerse yourself! Game “Flow Experience”: The Psychology of Video Games That Make You Forget Time | Cultural Perspective | udn Global February 26, 2023
Fastest-ending Video Games 2023: Here Are the Top 5 Titles You Can Beat in Less Than a Day February 26, 2023
Dino Crisis Deserves the Remake Treatment Now More Than Ever February 26, 2023
People buy iPhones, use Internet data, play video games & yet oppose minimal property tax: J&K L-G February 25, 2023
10 “The Last Of Us” Side-By-Sides That Show The Video Game Voice Actors Vs. The Actors On The Show February 25, 2023
God of War Ragnarök and Elden Ring were the big winners at the DICE Awards 2023 February 25, 2023
Short Video Games to Binge and Finish this Weekend Vol. 8 February 24, 2023
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the total package for gamers—learn more and sign up for just $1 February 24, 2023
Multiversus’ 99% player drop is a lesson in how not to make a free-to-play game February 24, 2023
Opinion: You are never too old for video games February 24, 2023
Hollywood turns to gaming to expand franchises, but it’s a rough transition February 23, 2023
Level Up To Reduce Stress — How To Convince Your Boss Video Games Belong At Work February 23, 2023
23 Video Games You Can Beat In Under Seven Hours February 23, 2023
Yes, Mark, We Still Play Video Games in Montana… Even Frogger Yes, Mark, We Still Play Video Games in Montana… Even Frogger Yes, Mark, We Still Play Video Games in Montana… Even Frogger Read More: Yes, Mark, We Still Play Video Games in Montana… Even Frogger | February 22, 2023
M3GAN studio Blumhouse is getting into video games February 22, 2023
Gaming Laptops 2023: HP OMEN 17 launched with Intel i9 Core and RTX4080; All you need to know February 22, 2023
Miyamoto responds to the myth that he doesn’t like stories in games February 21, 2023
MARVEL’S AVENGERS: The Video Game’s Creative Director Has Apologized For The Disappointing 2020 Release February 21, 2023
Orange Highlights African and Middle Eastern Culture in Video Games February 21, 2023
UNT plans to build its first all-women esports team with a new scholarship February 20, 2023
Jump on the Samsung Odyssey Ark, an Unparalleled New Gaming Experience February 20, 2023
Video games are too cheap for their own good (and no I’m not crazy) – Reader’s Feature February 19, 2023
The Flash’s Biggest Video Game Is an Obscure Europe-only Release February 19, 2023
UK Health: How much online gaming is too much? February 19, 2023
Deep learning for video game genre classification February 18, 2023
Japan Vintage Video Games Growing in Popularity Among Youngsters, Foreigners February 18, 2023
Super Nintendo World just opened in California. Take a look inside February 18, 2023
Level Up! Here’s How to Turn Your Love of Video Games Into a Career February 17, 2023
RANDOM This Japanese Museum Is Helping Gamers Find Their Lost Video Games February 17, 2023
10 Of The Loneliest Protagonists In Video Games February 17, 2023
Straight 4 Studios applies for ‘AI Synthesized Commentary Team in video games’ patent and releases demo videos February 16, 2023
New class at TAMU-CC teaches video games February 16, 2023
15 Best Educational Video Games for Kids to Promote Learning February 16, 2023
Suffolk’s Video Game Association hosts first spring semester event February 15, 2023
‘The Last of Us’ and other heartbreaking moments in video games February 15, 2023
Dr. Disrespect reveals first gameplay demo for his FPS ‘Deadrop’ February 15, 2023
Encyclopedia of Video Games [3 Volumes]: The Culture, Technology, and Art of Gaming (Hardcover) February 14, 2023
Epic Games alleges Google not complying with Indian antitrust order February 14, 2023
All of the Star Wars TV shows and video games coming in 2023 and beyond February 14, 2023
“The Last of Us” Breaks the Curse of the Video Game Adaptation February 13, 2023
‘The Last of Us’ Release Schedule: When Does Episode 5 Hit HBO Max? February 13, 2023
Playing video game causes no harm to cognitive abilities: Study February 13, 2023
Today’s Wordle #603 Hint, Clues And Answer For Sunday, February 12th February 12, 2023
Playing video game causes no harm to cognitive abilities: Study February 12, 2023
Nintendo Switch Game Vouchers: how they work and eligible games February 11, 2023
8 Sci-Fi Novels That Deserve To Have AAA Video Game Adaptations February 11, 2023
10 Horror Video Games You Won’t Want to Play in the Dark February 11, 2023
10 Video Games That Reused Bosses (And Made Them BETTER) February 6, 2023
The philosophy of Video Games February 6, 2023
Video Game Workshop with Stephanie Economou February 6, 2023
The Last Of Us TV show is the worst thing to happen to video games in years – Reader’s Feature February 5, 2023
New Xbox Rumor Has Fans Worried About the End of Physical Games February 5, 2023
The best video game board games to play in 2023 February 5, 2023
‘I can connect with my kids’: The mums who take time out to game February 4, 2023
10 Reasons All Video Games Are Starting To Suck February 4, 2023
Resident Evil 4 Remake: Exclusive Chapter 5 Gameplay Walkthrough February 4, 2023
Xbox 360 ‘May 2023’ Closure Message Was An Error, Says Microsoft February 3, 2023
Why are All Horse Racing Video Games Terrible? February 1, 2023
Microsoft is pulling many beloved games off the Xbox 360 store next week February 1, 2023
10 Most Popular Video Games To Try In 2023 February 1, 2023
Amazon Studios’ TOMB RAIDER Plans Also Include a Movie and Video Game January 31, 2023
Butler University investing in its Esports future as popularity grows January 31, 2023
8 Things WWE Fans Should Know About The LJN Video Games January 31, 2023
In Japan, people of esteem go viral for playing video games and making purchases in the donation cart January 30, 2023
Government proposes to ban video games that manipulate young minds with hidden messages January 30, 2023
HBO’s The Last of Us improves on the game’s implied gay romance January 30, 2023
Video games: the fever of the Covid years has subsided January 29, 2023
A revolutionary control for ordinary, virtual and augmented reality video games is designed in China January 29, 2023
Guardian: Can video games change people’s minds about the climate crisis? January 29, 2023
Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is Confident Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition Will Go Through January 28, 2023
From Dark Souls lava to cursed Zelda NPCs, the internet’s “useless video game knowledge” is actually really cool January 28, 2023
Different types of screen-based sedentary time and anxiety in adolescents: Video games may be more important January 28, 2023
The best 100 games of all time, ranked January 28, 2023
10 Video Games To Boost Your Creativity January 27, 2023
Not Just Fun: New Study Indicates Video Games Can Improve Career Prospects January 27, 2023
Free Play: What makes a good video game? January 27, 2023
Streaming star SypherPK opens $10M Oni Studios near Austin January 26, 2023
Games Inbox: The Last Of Us as the best written video game, GoldenEye 007 remake, and Fallout TV January 26, 2023
GoldenEye 007 Hits Nintendo Switch, Xbox on Friday January 26, 2023
Video gaming and creation rhythms January 25, 2023
Source codes of video games League of Legends, TFT stolen after cyber attack: Riot Games January 25, 2023
Best 10 Sports Video Games to Play in 2023 January 25, 2023
‘Woke brigade is after video games’: Xbox becomes first ‘carbon aware’ console, but not everyone is happy January 24, 2023
Video Game Industry Hit with Layoffs January 24, 2023
How gaming companies like Ubisoft want to expand screen adaption after the success of HBO’s The Last of Us January 24, 2023
10 Video Games HBO Needs To Adapt After Last of Us January 22, 2023
10 Video Games That Would’ve Won The Game Awards’ Game Of The Year In The ’80s January 22, 2023
VIDEO GAMES: A Star-Studded Celebration: Mario Party Superstars January 22, 2023
Illinois College to host gaming fanfest January 21, 2023
Picking the best Star Wars video games ever January 21, 2023
10 Worst Video Game Movies January 20, 2023
Full PlayStation VR2 launch roster announced January 20, 2023
Amazon Prime Membership Is Reportedly Past Its Prime January 19, 2023
Why Do People Play Video Games January 19, 2023
8 Classic Nintendo and PlayStation Games You Can Now Play Online January 19, 2023
Microsoft downsizing hits Xbox business, with cuts in video game studios behind titles Halo and Starfield January 19, 2023
5 Video Game-Based TV Shows To Stream Right Now January 18, 2023
Speeding through video games to combat cancer January 18, 2023
‘The Last Of Us’ To ‘The Witcher’: 5 Video Game-Based TV Shows To Binge-Watch January 18, 2023
10 Hilarious Voice Acting Fails In Horror Video Games January 17, 2023
Indian Devs Ask Government To Make Clear Distinction Between Video Games And Gambling January 17, 2023
Only 5 films based on video games turned into box office hits! Will The Last of Us be a game-changer? January 17, 2023
ThisIsMcDonalds, gamers uncover a multiverse of McDonald’s food items across video game worlds January 16, 2023
The Last of Us: TV series of hit game praised by critics January 16, 2023
Foreign investment spurs serious growth in Canada’s video-game industry January 16, 2023
8 Pre-Internet Video Games That Desperately Needed A Patch January 15, 2023
The latest Lost Ark ban wave had some unexpected consequences January 15, 2023
Video game adaptations we’d love to see get made January 15, 2023
10 Best Video Game Mods Of 2022 January 14, 2023
Short Video Games You Can Finish This Weekend Vol. 3 January 14, 2023
All the Star Wars movies, TV shows and video games coming out in 2023 January 14, 2023
What are the benefits of playing video games? January 13, 2023
Puppets, dance and video games: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming season mixes standards with surprises January 13, 2023
10 Iconic Games That Are Turning 30 In 2023 January 13, 2023
French video game maker Ubisoft increases writedowns, lowers targets on weak sales January 12, 2023
10 Video Games That Are Better On Hard Mode January 12, 2023
Leading advertising companies in the video games theme January 12, 2023
TOP 5 VIDEO GAME NARRATIVES [BEST OF 2022] January 11, 2023
The UK games industry has grown 31% since 2016 January 11, 2023
Xbox Game Pass: Persona, Monster Hunter arrive in January 2023 January 11, 2023
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