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Video Games

Video Game FRONT MISSION 2: REMAKE Officially Delayed May 29, 2023
Be Screamed At By Destiny 2’s New Voicework Superstar, Xivu Arath May 29, 2023
BMW turns its new 5 Series into a mobile gaming venue May 29, 2023
‘You stupid Smotrich’: AI generates video of Israeli lawmakers trading barbs May 28, 2023
‘The Lord Of Ring: Gollum’ Developers Apolog‘The Lord Of Ring: Gollum’ Developers Apologize For The Game Being Very Badize For The Game Being Very Bad May 28, 2023
Video Game Inspired Anime ATELIER RYZA Releases New Character Trailer May 28, 2023
Gaming is an unconventional new medical resource May 27, 2023
Stevens: Top five video games of 2023 May 27, 2023
Is There a Correlation Between Violent Video Games and School Shootings? May 27, 2023
Robots And Video Games Are Attempting To Teach Humans A Shocking Lesson, We Only Need To Listen May 26, 2023
Karol G Enters the Gaming World As She Will Now Be Featured in a Video Game May 26, 2023
BMW 5 Series launches with AirConsole gaming platform May 26, 2023
Will Smith plays a post-apocalyptic guide in his first video game appearance May 25, 2023
Here are the 10 best video game trailers from today’s big PlayStation event May 25, 2023
June’s Most Anticipated Video Games May 25, 2023
Amazon Gaming Week is here: Shop deals from HP, HyperX and more May 24, 2023
NC lawmaker pitches legal video gaming as solution to sweepstakes problem May 24, 2023
Male characters in video games speak ‘twice as much’ as females May 24, 2023
AEW confirms release date for Fight Forever video game May 23, 2023
China regulator approves 86 new video game licences in May in another sign sector is back on track May 23, 2023
Video Game Rights Becomes Compelling Viewing in ‘Tetris’ May 23, 2023
Pac-Man is the latest video game classic to be lovingly recreated in Lego / On May 22, 2023
Violinist Daniel Hope performs video game music from Honkai: Star Rail May 22, 2023
AD Gaming welcomes global video game developer and publisher MY.GAMES to Abu Dhabi’s fast-growing gaming industry May 22, 2023
Wildly popular ESports programs teach students the tools of the video game trade May 20, 2023
British GQ Polled Hundreds of Experts to Compile “The 100 Greatest Video Games of All Time” May 20, 2023
Amazon is working on a ‘Lord of the Rings’ video game May 20, 2023
Lords of the Fallen dated with new gameplay trailer May 19, 2023
Extremism Finds Fertile Ground in Chat Rooms for Gamers May 19, 2023
Bratz, ‘Bimbo Feminism’, and empowering girls with games May 19, 2023
EA Sports College Football video game will let players be paid for use of their likenesses May 18, 2023
Public Input Sought on Gambling in Video Games May 18, 2023
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review — a new kind of magic May 18, 2023
Fortnite is killing off trios and people are mad May 17, 2023
The Best Inclusive Video Games May 17, 2023
Talking The Monster To Death / Video Games May 17, 2023
Behind the Scenes at Portal and Its Paratexts May 16, 2023
‘Sunbreak’ makes ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ a must-play experience | Video Game Odyssey May 16, 2023
We Want To Know What’s Your Absolute Favorite Video Game From Childhood May 16, 2023
Today’s ‘Quordle’ Answers And Clues For Monday, May 15 May 15, 2023
Mode 7 Gaming Center (Reservation) May 15, 2023
8 Video Games That Only Work Once May 14, 2023
10 most iconic video game quotes of all time May 14, 2023
“Video Games” by Tenacious D May 14, 2023
PlayStation VR 2 Is Now Available at Amazon May 13, 2023
Top 5 Baseball Video Games We Can’t Live Without May 13, 2023
Video game-playing sea lions show off cognitive skills May 13, 2023
Navy’s New Recruits: Sea Lions And Dolphins Trained To Play Video Games – And They Love It May 13, 2023
10 Video Games That Should’ve Ended WAY Sooner May 12, 2023
Tenacious D’s Video Games music video hits all the right notes May 12, 2023
What’s Your Favorite Video Game Ever? May 12, 2023
GameRant Enters a Voxel Wonderland in Ravenlok Review May 11, 2023
US Navy’s sea lions can now play video games May 11, 2023
TNA Impact!: Why Impact Wrestling’s Only Video Game Was A Disappointment May 11, 2023
Is GTA 6 On Track To Become The Most Expensive Video Game Ever Produced? May 10, 2023
Breaking the “Video game curse” May 10, 2023
The US Military Is Training Sea Lions To Play Video Games May 10, 2023
Solo dev Dr.Kucho fights for true video games: “People play guided tours now” May 9, 2023
Mass Effect: Andromeda was more like Starfield originally May 9, 2023
Summer 2023 Video Game Line-Up Raises Excitement Among CSI Students May 9, 2023
Australian funding for First Nations video games May 8, 2023
Upcoming Video Games: Top 7 games to keep an eye ahead of release on PC, PS, Xbox, and Nintendo Read more at: May 8, 2023
‘The Last Of Us’ And ‘Wii Sports’ Join World Video Game Hall of Fame May 8, 2023
Esports: Londonderry girl gamers recognised for challenging stereotypes May 7, 2023
Hogwarts Legacy Made More Money Than Ant-Man 3 May 7, 2023
Creepy Trailer for a Found Footage-Style Horror Video Game PARANORMAL TALES May 7, 2023
Video Game of the Week: MLB The Show 23 May 6, 2023
What this year’s 4 inductees did to get into the Video Game Hall of Fame May 6, 2023
Creating and Pitching Television Shows, Movies, and Video Games May 6, 2023
The Last of Us, Wii Sports entering Video Game Hall of Fame May 5, 2023
Henry Cavill picks his favourite video games May 5, 2023
Darth Vader’s latest video game appearance doesn’t do him justice May 5, 2023
Celebrate Star Wars Day with these Lego Star Wars deals at Amazon May 5, 2023
A blast from the past: Video games in the 2010s May 4, 2023
Finnish Paper Uses Video Game to Avoid Russia’s Press Restrictions May 4, 2023
Video Game Review: RAVENLOK May 4, 2023
Amazon Luna offers Fortnite free for Prime Gaming members May 4, 2023
‘Ghostbusters – Special Edition’ Romhack Available Now for Sega Genesis [Video] May 3, 2023
Gran Turismo trailer depicts video game expert aspiring to be race car driver May 3, 2023
You can now give your friends Game Pass for free May 3, 2023
Xbox and OPI Channel the Hottest Summertime Hues to Create an Exclusive New Controller May 2, 2023
The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom leaks have hit the internet May 2, 2023
All the biggest video game releases in May 2023 May 2, 2023
The Lost Art of the Video Game Demo – Slightly Something Else May 2, 2023
Choosing the best worst path – A ‘Night in the Woods’ retrospective May 1, 2023
Overview of Data Privacy Laws for Game Companies [2023] May 1, 2023
Open Channel: Tell Us Your Favorite Star Wars Games May 1, 2023
Top 5 video games where protagonist ends up dying in the end April 30, 2023
AAA games can reportedly cost over a billion to make in 2023 April 30, 2023
Tips for Keeping Kids Safe While Playing Video Games April 30, 2023
Why Retro Video Games Are Good for Students April 26, 2023
Basic Guide to UX in Game Design April 26, 2023
All Honkai: Star Rail Paths and Damage Types explained April 26, 2023
One of four charged in Illinois video-gaming theft ring sentenced April 25, 2023
Minecraft Legends shines ‘new light’ on popular sandbox game April 25, 2023
In Brazil, Lula associates video games and violence and gets beaten up for this “simplistic” association April 25, 2023
Reaction to the AEW: Fight Forever video game’s release date being delayed April 24, 2023
Putting the gay in video games: a recipe for Butterfly Soup April 24, 2023
Can Video Games Help You With Grief? April 24, 2023
FTC seeks info on Microsoft’s 10-year Call of Duty deal with Nintendo Read more: April 23, 2023
Classic video games with Records & Rarities April 23, 2023
Jack Teixeira: The video game players sharing secrets online April 23, 2023
A Fortnite Movie Would Be Easy to Make Happen, Says Epic Games CCO April 23, 2023
Songs In Video Games: Best Rap Tracks April 22, 2023
Valorant Pays Homage to Classic Video Games With Radiant Entertainment System Skin & Trailer April 22, 2023
7 video games that need a TV adaptation April 22, 2023
Bounsweet Debuts in Pokémon GO Sustainability Week 2023 April 21, 2023
President of Brazil: “Video Games Are Teaching Kids to Kill” April 21, 2023
5 Simple But Engaging Video Games April 21, 2023
“The Last of Us Part II” sets the bar for video game storytelling April 20, 2023
Buildbox is bringing generative AI to user-generated games April 20, 2023
Grab these 7 great Switch games during Nintendo’s April Indie Sale April 20, 2023
What video games are you currently hyped for? April 19, 2023
Are U Game? The Business and Art of Video Game Voice Acting April 19, 2023
SUPERJUMP Podcast: Video Game Rhythm April 19, 2023
I Have Some Concerns About Xbox And Game Pass April 18, 2023
Guilty Gear Strive Is a Top-Tier Title That’s Been 25 years in the Making April 18, 2023
Video Games and the Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Disorders in Young Adults April 18, 2023
Newswatch 16 Weekend Morning | 7:00 – 8:00 am April 17, 2023
8 Creepy Kids In Video Games Who Make M3GAN Look Like An Altar Boy April 17, 2023
The games psychologists play (and the data they provide) April 17, 2023
Uncertain Audience / Video Games April 16, 2023
‘Driver San Francisco’ Is An Amazing Car Video Game That Even Featured Normal Boring Cars, But Sadly It’s Quietly Disappearing April 16, 2023
Top 15 Best Hack and Slash Video Games Ever April 16, 2023
AYANEO Air PRO: The Ultimate Handheld Console April 15, 2023
Super Mario Bros. Movie is Already the Top Selling Video Game Film April 15, 2023
Here are 10 games you can expect to find on Amazon Luna today April 15, 2023
Relax with these 5 cozy video games available on Steam April 15, 2023
In 2023, My Favourite Video Games Are Old April 14, 2023
Sorry Mario, but This Is Still the Best Video Game Movie of All Time April 14, 2023
Here are 5 reasons why gaming IP is Hollywood’s next big money spinner April 14, 2023
10 Worst-Written Video Games Stories April 13, 2023
‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’: Top 10 Easter Eggs and References to the Games April 13, 2023
From 8-Bit to Orchestral: The Practicality of Video Game Soundtracks April 13, 2023
Cathie Wood Bets Big on a Video Game Company With an Exciting Future April 12, 2023
AI is already taking video game illustrators’ jobs in China April 12, 2023
PS5 and Hogwarts Legacy helped UK Q1 game and console sales rise year-on-year April 12, 2023
Sony has spent a decade belittling Nintendo and Microsoft in their patents April 11, 2023
5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly April 9, 2023
Tales From The Box Office: The Disastrous Super Mario Bros. Set The Tone For Video Game Movies For Years To Come April 9, 2023
10 best-selling video games of all time April 9, 2023
Motley Fool: Value in games April 9, 2023
4 developers that consistently make great video games April 8, 2023
The Best Video Game Easter Eggs Ever April 8, 2023
The Last of Us PC gets another patch, fixing another 40 bugs April 8, 2023
Paizo Partners with BKOM on Two Pathfinder Games! April 7, 2023
Level up your marketing with in-game advertising April 7, 2023
The Best Irish Characters In Video Games April 7, 2023
The ‘Resident Evil 4’ Remake and Video Game Preservation April 6, 2023
Pushing Buttons: Yes, E3 was a hot mess, but it had a magic you can never replicate on a live stream April 6, 2023
Gaming Industry Analyst Nick McKay Discusses EA, GameStop, Nintendo, Take-Two Interactive And More: Insights And Predictions For The Future Of Video Games April 6, 2023
The Best-Looking Video Game Consoles Of All Time April 5, 2023
Best Buy Spring Gaming Sale – Get The Zelda Game & Watch For Cheap April 5, 2023
Some genius is editing Karl Pilkington into video games and it’s the funniest thing on the internet April 4, 2023
Justice Department settles with video game publisher over esports salaries April 4, 2023
Alarming Carjacking Surge in Chicago Blamed on Dangerous Video Games, Sales Ban Proposed April 4, 2023
‘Call Of Duty’ Consumes Microsoft-Activision Deal Focus, What About ‘Diablo 4’? April 1, 2023
‘Groomed for future gambling’: Call for loot box video games to be adult-only March 30, 2023
AI art is now banned in video games – can it last? March 30, 2023
Black developers push to diversify the creators behind the pixels March 30, 2023
BIG VIDEO GAMES DEBUT IN 2023 March 29, 2023
South Korea’s Krafton to acquire 10% of Polish video games maker PCF Group March 29, 2023
‘Tetris’: Meet the Real-Life Video Game Masterminds Behind the Upcoming Film (Exclusive) March 28, 2023
Miracle Monday: Golisano Children’s Hospital integrates video games into treatment March 28, 2023
Local kids’ author Dustin Brady reaches game-obsessed youth by using video games as the basis for his books March 28, 2023
Netflix to release 40 video games this year, 70 in development March 27, 2023
I used GPT4 to build two new video games after ChatGPT helped me write a children’s book. It makes coding approachable — even if it seems like it’s only half-listening. March 27, 2023
How video games can get you a job at a hedge fund or HFT firm March 27, 2023
3 Video Games from PAX 2022 March 22, 2023
The Negative Effects of Video Games That Weren’t Intended For Kids March 22, 2023
School WiFi should not block students from playing video games March 22, 2023
Netflix Games Is Still Happening. Just Don’t Hold Your Breath March 21, 2023
The number of Black video game developers is small, but strong March 21, 2023
B.C. parent launches class-action lawsuit against makers of Fortnite March 21, 2023
Jirard the Completionist buys all 3DS, Wii U games before eShop closes March 20, 2023
How Video Games and Their Music Impacted My Life March 20, 2023
The Evolution of Video Game Controllers: From Coleco Telstar to PS5’s Dual Sense controllers March 20, 2023
Should Video Games Be Adapted? March 19, 2023
Nintendo should start making mature rated video games – Reader’s Feature March 19, 2023
With few job openings, Iraqi youth find work in creative ways March 19, 2023
Hollywood and the Games Industry Pay Tribute to Lance Reddick: ‘We Just Lost a Beautiful Human’ March 18, 2023
Banshees Of Inisherin Gets Turned Into A Video Game, And You Can Play It Right Now March 18, 2023
Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – All Wisp locations March 18, 2023
Hunters (video game series) March 17, 2023
Video games in the Murray as candidates clash over live stream March 17, 2023
Where are the dancesport video games? March 17, 2023
The Strong announces 2023 finalists for Video Game Hall of Fame March 16, 2023
How Chile became an indie video game powerhouse in Latin America March 16, 2023
Predators targeting children through social media and video games March 16, 2023
Microsoft Inks Xbox Game Deal With Boosteroid Cloud Service March 15, 2023
How video games can make you smarter and further your career March 15, 2023
The Evolution Of 20 Video Game Characters March 15, 2023
When gamers play games, they see beautiful visuals, objects, and motions and hear sounds that push their adrenaline to the top. March 14, 2023
What other video games has ‘The Last of Us’ star Troy Baker appeared in? March 14, 2023
Research Manager – Video Game + Technology Insights March 13, 2023
The Last of Us – Episode 9 Finale Recap – ‘Look for the Light’ March 13, 2023
‘Hogwarts Legacy’ video game gives solidly fun wizarding experience March 13, 2023
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