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The 10 finest co-op video games to play with associates on PC August 1, 2022
‘I’m doing puzzles that may take 10 years to solve’: Animal Well, a mysterious video game time capsule August 1, 2022
Best video games to be released: August 2022 | List July 31, 2022
I played Air Twister, a throwback to 80s-style arcade game, on the iPad mini July 31, 2022
5 best co-operative multiplayer video games on PlayStation Plus July 31, 2022
Women Are Coding Video Games To Raise Awareness About Menstruation July 30, 2022
The Video Games That Changed Storytelling July 30, 2022
NPR’s favorite video games for newcomers July 30, 2022
All the biggest video games (still) coming out in the second half of 2022 July 29, 2022
Major study finds video games don’t hurt or help your mental health July 29, 2022
Amazon has announced its August Games with Prime line-up July 29, 2022
Sony sees profit rise despite waning interest in video games July 29, 2022
Meet the gaymers: why queer representation is exploding in video games July 28, 2022
One Of The Most Violent And Offensive Video Game Franchises Ever Is Getting A Woke Makeover July 28, 2022
One Of The Most Violent And Offensive Video Game Franchises Ever Is Getting A Woke Makeover July 28, 2022
Stray Reminds Us That Energy Drinks Have Always Paired With Video Games July 27, 2022
Gaming time has little effect on short-term mental health: study July 27, 2022
Game Over: Hackers targeting online gamers and taking over accounts to access financial information July 26, 2022
6 best retro video games from the ’80s that were featured on ‘Stranger Things’ July 26, 2022
Top 10 Best Disturbing Video Games Picks For 2022 July 26, 2022
LEGO replicates atari 2600 to bring back the retro console and 80s video games July 25, 2022
Black Panther Video Game Teased By Insider July 25, 2022
The success of “Stray”, the video game in which a stray cat is controlled July 24, 2022
Fallout: cast, first look images and everything we know about the video game adaptation July 24, 2022
Nathalie Gauthier, the one who wants to bequeath a better place to women in video games July 24, 2022
Michigan health experts recommend reducing time spent with video games ahead of school year July 23, 2022
Here are all the new video games coming out in 2022 July 23, 2022
10 Wild Wrestlers You Can Unlock In WWE Video Games July 23, 2022
7 Most Incompetent Demon Hunters In Video Games July 22, 2022
Tech & Science Daily: ‘Robotaxis’ with video games and vending machines July 22, 2022
10 worst movies based on video games July 22, 2022
Are Minecraft NFTs Coming? Here’s What The Video Game Company Says July 21, 2022
TechnologyDestiny 2 video game creators sue Twitter streamer for $150k July 21, 2022
Are blockchain video games a fad, or the future? July 21, 2022
WATCH: Developer Turns ‘The Wyoming Incident’ Into Video Game July 20, 2022
10 Best Robot Video Games, According To Ranker July 20, 2022
45 Days Until Kansas Football: Video Game All-Stars – Joe Dineen July 20, 2022
VIDEO Hulu gives subscribers three free months of Xbox PC Game Pass July 19, 2022
Video Game Review: Mothmen 1966 July 19, 2022
GTA V, GTA Online PS5, Xbox Review: Next-Gen Gameplay Impressions and Videos July 18, 2022
Elon Musk says Tesla is integrating the world’s largest PC game marketplace into its cars: ‘Demo probably next month’ July 18, 2022
5 legendary weapons and armor in video games that were disappointing July 18, 2022
Tesla is getting closer to integrating Steam to take its gaming platform to whole new level July 17, 2022
10 Best Classic Edutainment Video Games, Ranked July 17, 2022
Video games companies ‘must do more to prevent children buying loot boxes’ July 17, 2022
Top 10 Best Hasbro Handheld Games To Buy Online July 17, 2022
Resident Evil Season 2 Will ‘100 Percent’ Feature Major Video Game Character July 16, 2022
Fall Guys fans stunned by esports-level speedruns: “No video game is ever just casual anymore” July 16, 2022
Playing video games benefit key regions of the brain July 16, 2022
Alt-right groups are targeting young video gamers — and finding a culture where extremist views can flourish July 15, 2022
Live Ops Producer – World of Warcraft July 15, 2022
‘Kenshi’ is a fantastic post-apocalyptic video game, and you need to play it July 15, 2022
Amazon is giving away Mass Effect and a bunch of other games for Prime Day July 14, 2022
The best video games of 2022, so far July 14, 2022
Video games spur violence. How can we keep ignoring their impact on gun culture? | Miraldi July 14, 2022
NFLPA and SuperTeam to launch new STG Football video game July 13, 2022
Amazon Prime Day: Best deals on video games, XBox, PS5, Nintendo Switch games, controllers July 13, 2022
The 10 Most Overrated Video Games of All Time July 13, 2022
Samsung Unveils Experiential Virtual Playground ‘Space Tycoon’ on Roblox July 12, 2022
New Video Game Kingdom: The Blood Announced Based On Netflix Series July 12, 2022
Amazon Prime Day 2022: Video games deals list July 12, 2022
Top video games with a Middle Eastern theme July 12, 2022
Epic Games confirms Microsoft DirectStorage support is coming to Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) July 11, 2022
GAME OVER The most addictive video games revealed as nearly 500 youngsters seek NHS treatment – do your kids play any of these? July 11, 2022
10 Best Video Game Cars, Ranked July 11, 2022
Netflix has released an interesting documentary that shows us how video games were made in Spain in the 80s July 11, 2022
What if Video Games were Classic Comics July 10, 2022
10 of the most difficult video games ever July 10, 2022
What Is TheGamer Staff Playing This Weekend? July 10, 2022
Rockstar says major Red Dead Online updates will stop as it focuses on GTA 6 July 9, 2022
Level Up: 6 of the best retro video game stores in Metro Vancouver July 9, 2022
Diamondbacks’ Buddy Kennedy gets real-life hitting tip from video game MLB: The Show July 9, 2022
The best gaming headsets in 2022 July 8, 2022
Video game sales expected to fall this year due to inflation July 8, 2022
Ubisoft’s ‘Skull & Bones’ is now an immersive pirate ship fantasy with a mutinous edge July 8, 2022
LARA LAND Tomb Raider games in order: By release date and timeline July 7, 2022
The Complete Guide to Game Development Studios and How They are Disrupting Video Game Design July 7, 2022
Government overreach? 9 in 10 official websites use tracking cookies without consent July 7, 2022
video games, vr, and older adults July 7, 2022
Bach’s blasts powering Red Sox offence July 6, 2022
Video Games, Novels, and the Art of Story Telling: Gabrielle Zevin’s Guest Post on Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow July 6, 2022
8 Best Batman Video Games To Own July 6, 2022
Critical Path: July 2022 – Highlights for the month ahead! July 5, 2022
Learning through video games: A case study of private schools of Pakistan July 5, 2022
Video Game Glitches Can’t Stop Love in Pony Malta’s Pride Campaign July 5, 2022
Latest Update to ‘Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition’ Mod Fixes Long-Standing Bugs, Improves FMVs [Video] July 4, 2022
20 Best Video Game Endings Ever July 4, 2022
Global Mobile Gaming Market to Reach $160.1 Billion by 2026 July 4, 2022
Three books chart the rise, impact, and scope of virtual worlds July 3, 2022
Epic Video games Retailer readying up for its first NFT foray with Wild-West battle royale Grit July 3, 2022
10 Video Games That Promote Food & Drink July 3, 2022
Riders Republic and Skull & Bones in-game events will highlight climate issues July 2, 2022
Stranger Things: The best retro video games from the ’80s July 2, 2022
Shack Chat: What’s your favorite video game DLC of all time? July 2, 2022
More details on the Samsung Gaming Hub July 2, 2022
Samsung Gaming Hub now on 2022 TVs; Luna soon July 2, 2022
Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs Can Stream Xbox, Stadia, GeForce Now Games July 1, 2022
Video game genres: every game type explained July 1, 2022
[Let’s Play With Samsung] ① Get Your Game On: No Console Required, With Samsung’s All-in-One Gaming Hub on Your Samsung Smart TV July 1, 2022
50-year-old man designs LMCU Ballpark in video game July 1, 2022
Video Games Market Outlook 2022 And Growth By Top KeyPlayers – EA, Vivendi, Ubisoft, Microsoft June 30, 2022
Top 10 Selling Video Games in 2022 June 30, 2022
The best video games of June 2022: TMNT, Fire Emblem, and more June 30, 2022
Niantic unveils NBA All-World mobile game for ‘real-world metaverse’ June 29, 2022
Video Games Advertising Market Outlook 2022 And Growth By Top KeyPlayers – BrightRoll, Flurry, Google, InMobi June 29, 2022
Top 25 Games with Awesome Magic Systems | Updated 2022 June 29, 2022
“Are We the Baddies?”: How Video Games Tackle Playing as Historical Villains June 28, 2022
Game over? New language law puts Quebec’s video game industry at risk, insiders say June 28, 2022
More than just a game: Mpls. company strives to make culturally accurate, online learning tools June 28, 2022
Capcom Fighting Group Releases 10 Classic Fighting Games Today | # Games | Anime, manga and video games news June 27, 2022
Bernie Stolar, the Video Game Exec Who Helped Launch the PS, Dreamcast, Has Passed Away June 27, 2022
Lord of the flies: Westworld creators say William’s mission in season 4 links back to season 2 June 27, 2022
Miro: Sorry Undertaker, We Don’t Have Guns And Drugs And Don’t Fight Each Other Backstage, Video Games Aren’t Bad June 26, 2022
July’s PlayStation Plus Essential games have been revealed June 26, 2022
10 Most Iconic Video Game Beastmasters June 25, 2022
Some PS Plus games already have an expiration date June 25, 2022
Video of the weekend: “For me it’s medicine” Video games, a great brain booster against aging June 25, 2022
Microsoft adds Xbox features to Edge to entice gamers June 24, 2022
The best fighting games on Nintendo Switch June 24, 2022
MOVES LA Tech ‘Moves’: Jam City Shakes Up Games Leaders, Viant Lures Amazon Vet June 24, 2022
Let’s Talk About Self-Harm in Video Games June 24, 2022
Kids & video games June 23, 2022
What happened to the video game demo? June 23, 2022
5 video game franchises that need a break (and 5 dormant ones that need to return) June 23, 2022
6 Ways to Save on Video Games June 22, 2022
How Crypto Games Are Shaping the Future of Video Gaming and Why It Matters June 22, 2022
Manticore Games sets NFT utility standard for games in Core Metaverse June 22, 2022
5 great single-player video games you can finish in under a week this June June 20, 2022
10 video games with short cutscenes June 20, 2022
NetEase Delays Diablo Immortal’s China Launch, Shares Tumble June 20, 2022
10 Video Game Tropes That Need To End, According To Reddit June 19, 2022
Fifty Key Video Games (Kobo eBook) June 19, 2022
Capcom wants to know if you’d watch another Capcom Showcase June 18, 2022
The 10 Coolest Dinosaurs In Video Games, Ranked June 18, 2022
MrBeast Seconds His Best Friend’s Hilarious Analogy Comparing Children With Video Games June 18, 2022
10 Video Games Everyone Wanted (But Hated) June 17, 2022
Shacknews E6 2022: Retail Therapy with Limited Run Games: Retro Gaming special June 17, 2022
‘The Mortuary Assistant’ Invites You to an Embalming This August [Trailer] June 17, 2022
Amazon is handing out Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Grid Legends, and more free games for Prime Day June 17, 2022
Summer Games Fest 2022: The biggest games announced and our top picks June 16, 2022
Tolkien Scholar Who Praised Amazon’s The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Confirms He Is Consulting On Return To Moria Video Game June 16, 2022
Creators On The Rise: High schooler AyoDen started his YouTube channel less than 2 years ago. He just hit 2 million subscribers. June 16, 2022
Sony’s Firesprite is moving to an office more than 20 times larger than its current one June 15, 2022
10 Video Game Sequels That Completely Changed Genres June 15, 2022
Classic FM announces new series of video game music show High Score with composer Eímear Noone June 15, 2022
10 Reasons Why Silent Hill Is The Best Video Game Movie Adaptation June 14, 2022
Mainstream video games need their Heartstopper moment June 14, 2022
Everything announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase June 14, 2022
Everything announced at Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 June 13, 2022
Xbox Showcase promises a busy year for Game Pass June 13, 2022
Rick and Morty’s creator is making a comedic first-person shooter June 13, 2022
Highly-Anticipated Game Looks Set To Join Xbox Game Pass Day One June 12, 2022
Grammy Awards Add Video Game Score Soundtrack Category June 12, 2022
Xbox & Bethesda Showcase LIVE: Starfield, Forza, Halo, and all the latest Xbox news June 12, 2022
Diablo Immortal is the ‘biggest launch in franchise history’, Blizzard says June 11, 2022
10 Needlessly Hard Early Video Game Bosses June 11, 2022
The Queen’s Gambit is now a chess game you can only play on Netflix June 11, 2022
Are Video Games The New Meditation? June 10, 2022
Microsoft announces you’ll soon be able to play Xbox games on a telly without a console June 10, 2022
‘Cyberpunk: Edgerunners’ Trailer Expands on the Lore of the Hit Video Game June 9, 2022
Summer Game Fest 2022: Start Time and How to Watch June 9, 2022
Hellish Wild West Shooter ‘Evil West’ Moseys to September Release [Trailer] June 9, 2022
Diablo Immortal now has Blizzard’s lowest ever user score on Metacritic June 8, 2022
An ‘eat-ertainment’ incubator: Why gaming restaurants are betting big on D-FW June 8, 2022
All The New Video Games Hitting Xbox, PlayStation, PC And Switch In June June 7, 2022
10 Horror Games Everyone Should Play At Least Once June 7, 2022
Guest Post: The Future of the Video Game Industry & What it Will Cost June 7, 2022
PepsiCo’s head of esports on leveling up an ‘always-on’ strategy June 6, 2022
Gala Games’ blockchain game Grit will debut on the Epic Games Store June 6, 2022
Sylvia Gathoni, top Kenyan video games star on the Forbes list June 5, 2022
Oh Yes, ‘Diablo Immortal’ Is Absolutely Pay-To-Win, Eventually June 5, 2022
Cheating used to be fun June 4, 2022
Jump into Elden Ring with an Xbox Series S and the hit video game for $320 total June 4, 2022
New Star Wars Games in Development: Release Windows, Trailers, and First Details June 4, 2022
Video game worlds are often devoid of children—here’s why June 3, 2022
Welcome to EVE Online: the spaceship game where high-flyers live out their imperial fantasies June 3, 2022
10 Best Cyberpunk-Themed Video Games June 2, 2022
GameStop quarterly revenue beats estimates on higher demand for video games June 2, 2022
Video Games and Marvin Hamlisch – June 2 June 2, 2022
France Wants to Ban English Video Game Terms from Government Use June 1, 2022
All The Major Video Game Releases to Look Out for in June June 1, 2022
First batch of games coming to Xbox Game Pass in June 2022 June 1, 2022
New video games releasing in June on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Switch May 31, 2022
France bans English gaming tech jargon in push to preserve language purity May 31, 2022
France mandates French-language replacements for English video gaming words. A streamer must now be referred to as a ‘joueur-animateur en direct’. May 31, 2022
Marcia Pledger: Gaming clubs are a great way to expose teens to opportunities in technology May 29, 2022
Another 5 video games that you will love if you are a fan of the Shrek saga May 29, 2022
Artifact Of Doom / Video Games May 29, 2022
The 11 best Dungeons & Dragons video games May 14, 2022
The biggest video games still releasing in 2022 May 14, 2022
The Required Skills to Become a Video Game Developer May 14, 2022
20 Best Years In Video Game History, Ranked May 14, 2022
Video Games: The Best ‘Dark Souls’ Games Ranked May 13, 2022
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