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Video Games | עמוד 2

New Study Warns: Video Games Linked to Rising Tinnitus and Hearing Loss January 19, 2024
Rocksteady co-founders create Hundred Star Games January 19, 2024
Games I Hope Release In 2024 January 19, 2024
Oregon Symphony brings video game heroes to life January 18, 2024
Ubisoft Wants People to be “Comfortable Not Owning” Video Games January 18, 2024
When Games Get Leaked January 18, 2024
Ubisoft’s new Avatar game | minimme January 17, 2024
2024 video games we’re looking forward to January 17, 2024
5 tips for keeping your video games and accessories perfectly organized January 16, 2024
10 Popular Video Games You Can’t Play Anymore January 16, 2024
Do violent video games numb us towards real violence? January 16, 2024
Top 11 video games of 2023: RPGs reigned supreme in a stacked year January 14, 2024
Behind the scenes: How YSU, ESPN broadcast games online and on TV January 14, 2024
20 Songs Easter Eggs And References In Video Games January 13, 2024
Gee–Good Video Games & Good Learning Principles–Part 1 (9:12) January 13, 2024
How video game tech, AI, and computer vision help decode animal pain and behavior January 11, 2024
Amazon’s Twitch cuts more than 500 jobs attempting to turn expensive platform profitable January 11, 2024
Our Most Anticipated Video Games of 2024 January 9, 2024
From sports and sewing to dance and game development, spring involvement fair highlights student clubs at Northeastern January 9, 2024
Fourth Quarter 2023 Video Game Releases January 9, 2024
Samsung unveils the first ‘Designed for Samsung Gaming Hub’ controller for its Smart TVs Read more: January 7, 2024
10 Best Pokémon Games Of All Time January 7, 2024
Parents respond to social media consent law January 7, 2024
13-year-old becomes first to beat ‘unbeatable’ TetrisTrending January 7, 2024
New Year, New Games. Check Out the Latest Apple Arcade Titles January 5, 2024
Record-Breaking MapleStory Fine Could Threaten a Controversial Video Game Genre January 5, 2024
GoFundMe set up for 14-year-old SC boy playing video games shot to death by stray bullet in drive-by January 5, 2024
Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games for January 2024 Revealed January 5, 2024
Witches, physicists, Tarot readers, game designers, and amateur botanists weigh in on how magic is portrayed in video games January 4, 2024
Why fashion brands are inching into the gaming arena January 4, 2024
18 Upcoming Video Games We Are Excited For In 2024: ‘Star Wars Outlaws’, ‘GTRevival’ And More January 4, 2024
Beijing reportedly removes a key official responsible for video games after the surprise release of draft rules wipes billions in value from the sector January 3, 2024
China removes official after video games rules spark turmoil January 3, 2024
30 Nintendo eShop Games You Might Have Missed In 2023 January 3, 2024
Top 5 Games I’m Excited For In 2024 January 2, 2024
Review: Starfield Is Really a Video Game About Government January 2, 2024
20 FREE GAMES coming in 2024 January 2, 2024
Will China Ease Its New Video Game Controls? Investors Think So. December 27, 2023
‘Tekken 8’ And Other Video Games Releasing In January 2024 December 27, 2023
Forum From the Archives: New Classical Music Stream Highlights the Art of Video Game Music December 27, 2023
Special Report: Video Games Atari Headquarters Behind The Scenes 1982 December 26, 2023
Sega Gremlin Coin-Op Video Game Manufacturing in Rancho Bernardo, 1982 December 26, 2023
Video Games: The Initial Frontier for Mind Control Through Generative AI December 26, 2023
China To Regulate Amount Of Time And Money People Spend On Video Games December 23, 2023
Final Fantasy 6 (SNES) – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN) December 23, 2023
Beating EVERY N64 Game – Dezaemon 3D (150/394) December 23, 2023
Video Game Tie-Ins Are Back And It Starts with Garfield December 22, 2023
NZ Video Games Sector Proves Resilient With 7% Growth, Despite Australian Incentives December 22, 2023
The BEST Video Game Easter Eggs of 2023 – Part 2 December 22, 2023
Why JRPGs Are The Best Videogames December 21, 2023
The Most DISAPPOINTING Games of 2023 December 21, 2023
2023: The Best DLC Year Ever? – Kinda Funny Gamescast December 21, 2023
Best-selling video games: How to make the gaming hit list! December 20, 2023
Video Game Store Drama.. December 20, 2023
Unveiling the Impressive Video Games of 2023 December 19, 2023
Every GameSpot 10/10 Reviewed Game (Up to 2023) December 19, 2023
Most anticipated video games of 2024 December 19, 2023
The 10 best video games of 2023, from big-budget releases to unexpected indie gems December 18, 2023
Tencent turns to ByteDance in gaming showdown with NetEase December 18, 2023
Whimsical ‘Disney Illusion Island’ family-friendly video game full of hugs and little hearts December 18, 2023
There Was A Generator Rex Video Game? December 15, 2023
China’s video games market recovers in 2023, domestic sales surpass $42.6 bln December 15, 2023
China’s video games market recovers in 2023, domestic sales surpass US$42.6 billion December 15, 2023
The 25 most challenging video games of all time December 14, 2023
Video games trade show E3 permanently cancelled by organisers December 14, 2023
There Was A Secret Saturdays Video Game? December 14, 2023
Destiny 2 – Fireteam Finder Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games December 13, 2023
God Of War Ragnarok Valhalla All Cutscenes Full Movie (2023) December 13, 2023
Video games to play in the winter, from ‘Alone in the Dark’ to ‘The Last of Us Part II Remastered’ December 13, 2023
The Game Narrative Lab at Kennesaw State UniversityWinner of the Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge December 12, 2023
ASMR Game Store Roleplay l Soft Spoken, Customer Service, Video Games December 12, 2023
Google Loses Antitrust Court Battle With Makers of Fortnite Video Game December 12, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Piastri reveals he’ll be using video games to prepare for 2024 F1 season December 10, 2023
From hating on GTA to playing Elden Ring until 5:30 in the morning, this is Elon Musk’s history with video games December 10, 2023
Every Free Game from PlayStation Plus, Epic Games, Steam, and More in December December 10, 2023
Video Game Soundtracks Up Next for AI Disruption, Experts Say December 8, 2023
Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: how to get Spare Parts December 8, 2023
The Rough History of Transformers Video Games December 7, 2023
TOP 10 VIDEO GAMES FOR CHRISTMAS 2023 December 7, 2023
The Bizarre World of Video Game Manga December 7, 2023
6 Story-Rich Video Games You Should Play December 6, 2023
Grand Theft Auto VI trailer released: What parents should know December 6, 2023
Grand Theft Auto VI publisher’s stock falls after first trailer reveals the video game won’t come out until 2025 December 6, 2023
Fall Game Expo spotlights student-created video games December 3, 2023
7 REALLY GREAT Easter Eggs That Were Found In REALLY BAD Games December 3, 2023
Dangerous messages from extremist groups are lurking in a popular video game | 7 News Australia December 3, 2023
Atari’s ‘Pong’ pressed play on the video game revolution on this day in 1972 November 30, 2023
Roughly 6,500 video game workers have been laid off globally since January November 30, 2023
Push to sack chair of Adelaide video game company Mighty Kingdom | 7 News Australia November 30, 2023
Unearthing Ghostbusters: The Video Game’s original and unreleased cutscenes November 28, 2023
Serious play at the MIT Game Lab November 28, 2023
The Best Co-Op Games on PS+ Extra November 28, 2023
After two ambitious years, TikTok parent ByteDance starts mass layoffs in gaming November 27, 2023
Category Manager – Digital Software and Video games November 27, 2023
Top 5 Games With ZERO Checkpoints November 27, 2023
Holiday Gaming Rally: 3 Video Game Stocks to Snag Pre-Christmas November 26, 2023
Science Center program to explore psychology of gaming November 26, 2023
10 Video Games with Gripping Political Narratives | TheReviewGeek Recommends November 26, 2023
ACES: Giving a climate game for the holidays November 24, 2023
Choral scores and vocal roars in video games November 24, 2023
A collection of 173 top-grade video game cartridges could sell for six figures November 23, 2023
Chances to replay, in video games NYT Crossword Clue Answer November 23, 2023
Black Friday Arcade1Up Deals 2023: Amazon Prime Members Can Take Up to $400 Off Classic Video Games November 22, 2023
8 Best Cosmic Horror Games, Ranked November 22, 2023
Heroes: A Video Game Symphony – music for gamers by gamers November 22, 2023
Surprise price hike spurs talk of video game developers organizing November 21, 2023
This Kauai musician is making waves in video games, movies, and more November 21, 2023
AVOID These Video Games!! November 21, 2023
Funny image of a horse playing video games November 20, 2023
Nick’s Disappointing Avatar Video Games: A Retrospective November 20, 2023
Creating accessibility in video game play November 20, 2023
Video games, AI fuel wartime disinformation November 18, 2023
The Last of Us Part II Remastered – Announce Trailer | PS5 Games November 18, 2023
Iconic computer games characters reimagined to celebrate Black culture November 18, 2023
News Hub: Video Games Struggle in 2009 November 17, 2023
All the free video games Amazon is giving away for Black Friday, and how to claim them November 17, 2023
Ready Player One And More Books About Video Games Get Steep Discounts At Amazon November 17, 2023
Video games, AI fuel wartime disinformation November 16, 2023
FEATURE-Video games, AI fuel wartime disinformation November 16, 2023
EVs are turning into video games, and it’s really not a good thing November 16, 2023
The Video Game Awards 2023 Predictions! What Will Probably Win & What Should Win! – YoVideogames November 15, 2023
Seligman’s PERMA Model in Video Games – The Positive Influence of Video Games on Well-Being November 15, 2023
Migration and interactive narrative in video games: scale, ethics, and experience November 15, 2023
Girls in Games builds safe gaming community November 14, 2023
Hidden Gems : Dinobreak and Robocop November 14, 2023
Here’s how to set developmentally appropriate video game controls for tweens and teens that support the dynamic nature of a child’s growth. November 14, 2023
[Video Games] Who has a better video game future? Marvel or DC?? November 13, 2023
Video Game Mini Review: Wild Card Football November 13, 2023
‘The Legend of Zelda’ will be made into a live-action film November 13, 2023
bugs in video games November 12, 2023
Illustration of an astronaut panda playing video games in space November 12, 2023
Elon Musk says video games help ‘calm the demons’ in his mind November 12, 2023
The 10 Best Educational Video Games November 11, 2023
These Valuable Games were found IN THE TRASH November 11, 2023
Elon Musk says his mind is a ‘storm’—and he calms it by playing video games, his ‘primary recreational activity’ November 11, 2023
New PS5 Slim Spider-Man Bundle Now Available At Amazon For $500 November 11, 2023
University of Arizona Press to launch ‘Ready Player Juan’ on Nov. 14 November 10, 2023
10 Most Influential Games Of All Time November 10, 2023
10 Overpriced Video Game BS You Should AVOID November 10, 2023
Gunhead – Launch Trailer | PS5 Games November 9, 2023
Steam will allow players to hide games from their friends November 9, 2023
Video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ makes a return after ten years November 9, 2023
How Xbox Game Pass Has Succeeded, According to Microsoft November 8, 2023
Chinese Videogames Are Winning on the Global Stage November 8, 2023
Legend of Zelda: Nintendo, Sony making live-action movie of classic video game November 8, 2023
‘Call of Duty’, the stalwart video game veteran, turns 20 November 8, 2023
Digits Top Five: Holiday Video Game Gifts November 7, 2023
Franco-German TV channel finds niche in high-brow video games November 7, 2023
15 WORST Racing Games That Were Complete Disasters November 7, 2023
The Best and Worst Kickstarter Video Games November 4, 2023
Franco-German TV channel finds niche in high-brow video games November 4, 2023
Pushing Buttons: Finally, I’ve found a game I can actually enjoy playing with my child November 2, 2023
‘Fortnite’ maker must face revived choreographer lawsuit, US court says November 2, 2023
November 2023 video game releases: the biggest upcoming video games launching this month November 2, 2023
Nokia sues Amazon in US, India over video patents November 2, 2023
Enter the World of Eli Roth’s ‘Thanksgiving’ in New Mobile and Desktop Video Game November 1, 2023
Best Gaming Chairs on Amazon: The 7 Best Picks for Play or Work — Starting at Just $49 November 1, 2023
Top 10 SCARIEST Hidden Lore in Video Games November 1, 2023
Green Bay-based video game publisher raises $3M from TitletownTech, Skee-Ball maker October 31, 2023
The best gaming deals of Black Friday 2023, games, accessories, and more October 31, 2023
Villa Bottini- The Videogames Hub October 31, 2023
‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ review: A worthy watch for fans, newcomers to the video games alike October 30, 2023
Video game adaptation ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’ notches $130 million global debut October 30, 2023
The Five Nights At Freddy’s Movie Doesn’t Utilize What Made The Games So Scary October 30, 2023
9 Ways Five Nights At Freddy’s Changes The Video Games October 29, 2023
2022’s Horror Hit Barbarian is Giving Birth To a Video Game October 29, 2023
One of 2023’s Best Final Bosses Is in a Small Indie Game You’ve Never Heard Of October 29, 2023
Baldur’s Gate 3 Just Gave Me The Best Level I’ve Ever Played In A Video Game October 27, 2023
Brother Arrested for Fatally Stabbing Sibling Over Video Game Dispute October 27, 2023
Popular kids video game Roblox has become gathering space for pro-Palestinian protests October 27, 2023
10 Games With Art That Didn’t Match The Story October 24, 2023
10 Stars Who Love Video Games – Their Favorite Games Revealed! October 24, 2023
Evil Within & The Evil Within 2 horror video games go free for a limited time on Epic Games Store October 24, 2023
Creating Realistic Faces in Video Games October 22, 2023
Payday 3 – Video Game Review October 22, 2023
Gaming Goes IR: Reviewing Videogames in Diplomacy October 22, 2023
What Microsoft-Activision deal means for PC, cloud gaming October 21, 2023
Exploring Mental Health in Video Games: A Path to Comfort October 21, 2023
This is the cheapest RTX 3070 gaming laptop worth buying today October 20, 2023
Hellboy: Web of Wyrd is Lance Reddick’s last-ever role in video games October 20, 2023
What is a video game source code? October 20, 2023
After blockbuster Microsoft deal, gaming giants are still sitting on $45 billion cash hoard October 20, 2023
Babylon X – Announce Trailer October 19, 2023
The Crew Motorfest video game review October 19, 2023
Captain Laserhawk Creator Adi Shankar Talks Tackling Video Game Adaptations October 19, 2023
Video game streaming comes to Netflix October 18, 2023
New King Kong Game Is Very, Very Bad October 18, 2023
Video Gaming & Interactive Entertainment October 18, 2023
Video game EndeavorOTC designed to treat ADHD October 17, 2023
SAG-AFTRA to Set More Talks With Video Game Companies in Hopes of Averting Second Strike October 17, 2023
Five Video Game-Adapted Movies That Are Worth Watching October 17, 2023
5 Best Gaming Laptops Under 80000 To Not Miss During The Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale Deals 2023 October 16, 2023
Early Stage Symposium includes panel on video game companies October 16, 2023
“The Entire History of Video Games” (6-Hour Documentary Viewing) October 16, 2023
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