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Video Games | עמוד 7

The ghost of Instagram haunts Microsoft’s future December 10, 2022
Hades II Announced by Supergiant Games, Enters Early Access in 2023 December 9, 2022
F.T.C. Sues to Block Microsoft’s $69 Billion Acquisition of Activision December 9, 2022
Identity, Language and Community Through Video Games December 9, 2022
Tell Alexa to thank your Amazon delivery driver and see what happens… December 9, 2022
Amazon Games will bring Bandai Namco’s ‘Blue Protocol’ to the west December 9, 2022
Xbox brings gaming soundscapes to Calm app for sleeping and meditation December 8, 2022
The Alternative Game Awards 2022 December 8, 2022
Meet Maria Burns Ortiz, and her 7 Generation video games December 8, 2022
Microsoft will take Call of Duty to Nintendo, pending approval of Activision Blizzard deal December 7, 2022
Why this year’s Game Awards has Geoff Keighley living in fear December 7, 2022
David Harbour reveals he and Jodie Comer are starring in mysterious horror video game December 7, 2022
Level up these holidays with SA made video games December 7, 2022
10 Video Game Remasters That REMOVED Things Fans Loved December 6, 2022
9 Thrilling New Video Games Releasing In December December 6, 2022
Let Me Mention a Bunch of Random Video Games So You Morons Think I’m Gonna Make Movies Out of Them December 6, 2022
Amazon set to launch Prime Gaming in India Manish Singh December 6, 2022
Gary Larson’s Far Side Predicted The Future Of Video Games December 5, 2022
The 10 best video games of 2022 December 5, 2022
Alodia leads hunt for McDonald’s food in video games December 5, 2022
Microsoft & The Game Awards Partner up for Xbox Winter Demo Event December 4, 2022
10 Best Anime Video Game Waifus December 4, 2022
Venba: A video game about a South Indian immigrant’s story one recipe at a time December 4, 2022
‘The Last Of Us’ Trailer: Intense New Footage Of HBO’s Series Shows How Faithful It Is To The Video Games December 4, 2022
The Game Awards 2022: How to Watch and What to Expect December 3, 2022
Your very own interactive video games advent calendar – Reader’s Feature December 3, 2022
A Warzone 2 skin dubbed ‘Roze 2.0’ is currently one of Steam’s best-selling products December 3, 2022
What Pokémon’s newest releases show about complacency in video games December 2, 2022
Google’s latest Doodle lets you play and create fun old-school mini games December 2, 2022
How Video Games Helped Me Level Up My Faith December 2, 2022
Hallowed Be Thy Game: These Metal Video Game Music Covers Hit Hard December 1, 2022
Google honors Gerald ‘Jerry’ Lawson, inventor of the video game cartridge December 1, 2022
Move over teens, doggie video games coming soon December 1, 2022
Best Ways To Acquire Video Games And Spend Less Money November 30, 2022
China’s Tencent bets on cloud computing growth abroad as its core video games business takes a beating November 30, 2022
The 9 Biggest Video Games Coming in December 2022 November 30, 2022
Push to ban the sale of certain video games November 28, 2022
Inferiority Superiority Complex / Video Games November 28, 2022
Paradise Game and Visa Launch “The Money Kings”, a Gamification Program to Promote Financial Education During Festival of Electronics and Video Games of Abidjan (FEJA) 6, the Biggest Esports Event in Africa November 28, 2022
Amazon Prime Gaming Leak Reveals Free Games for December 2022 November 27, 2022
The One Problem I Have Was Sony Video Games November 27, 2022
Private Military Contractors / Video Games November 27, 2022
The Irish video game studio where family matters November 27, 2022
New this week: ‘Riches,’ Robert Downey Sr. and BTS’ RM November 26, 2022
Why do we love to be bad in video games? November 26, 2022
Top 10 Games That Are Discounted on Black Friday November 26, 2022
10 Video Games With The Best Opening Sequences November 25, 2022
Indie Video Game Round-Up #3 – PROJECT LLL, ALTAIR BREAK, PATH OF EXILE, and More November 25, 2022
Woot’s Video Gaming Galore event: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S, video games and accessories November 25, 2022
The Best Video Games Of 2022 November 24, 2022
Pushing Buttons: Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto – what we owe the most influential game designer November 24, 2022
Entertainment: Video Games and Mobile Games November 22, 2022
10 Star Wars Battles We Wish We Could Play In Video Games November 22, 2022
Gender stereotypes in video game narratives November 22, 2022
Guildford.Games launch confirms town as ‘The Hollywood of Video Games’ November 21, 2022
60% off Video Games at Target November 21, 2022
Golf’s virtual-reality future swings into focus November 21, 2022
The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me (PS5) Game Review November 20, 2022
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes: A Boomer Gaming in VR November 20, 2022
[Herald Interview] Why Korea is set up for success in console games November 20, 2022
Architect’s new book explores spatial meaning in video game environments November 19, 2022
Allfather Knows Best: How Veteran Character Richard Schiff Became the Year’s Best Villain — in a Video Game November 19, 2022
15 Hardest Video Game Puzzles Ever November 19, 2022
Xbox Series S Holiday Edition Drops To $240 At Amazon November 19, 2022
Fan Demakes ‘Resident Evil 6’ Using PS1 Era Graphics and Controls [Video] November 18, 2022
The best Christmas gifts for PlayStation lovers November 18, 2022
Code Ninjas teaches kids how to computer code through video games November 18, 2022
Pentiment May Be the Best New Game You’ve Never Heard Of November 17, 2022
Blizzard games set to be pulled in China after dispute with NetEase over license November 17, 2022
Chinese state media changes its mind, suggests videogames are good actually November 17, 2022
It’s a Video Game… But It’s Also a Metaverse? November 16, 2022
Exploring game design and development at Games && Symposium November 16, 2022
Epis 42 – When Video Games Become Deadly November 16, 2022
God of War Ragnarök leads The Game Awards 2022 nominations November 15, 2022
The Game Awards 2022 nominees announced November 15, 2022
NPD: US video game spending hit $4.3 billion in October, with hardware sales falling 10% YoY November 15, 2022
Video Game Franchises with the Best Heroes November 14, 2022
Video Games as Spaces for Musical Dialogic Education: ‘Why are games good at teaching music, and what can we learn from them?’ November 14, 2022
Video game beginners Crossword Clue November 14, 2022
Bayonetta 3 Does Spectacle on a Level Other Games Haven’t November 13, 2022
Video Game Fables: Nightmare Arena DLC Review. November 13, 2022
Electronic games: how much is a lot for youngsters? November 13, 2022
How Kevin Conroy Defined Batman in Video Games November 12, 2022
This City-Building Video Game Takes on Climate Change November 12, 2022
Miyamoto believes The Super Mario Bros. Movie has solved the challenges with video game movies November 12, 2022
Free games on the Epic Games Store for November 2022 November 11, 2022
With Project Cars 4 Dead, Racing Games Are Feeling Weaker Than Ever November 11, 2022
Millie Bobby Brown reveals her favorite video games November 11, 2022
How a ‘City Bus Manager’ Video Game Could Become an Advocacy Tool November 10, 2022
You don’t need to play 2018’s ‘God of War’ to play ‘Ragnarok’ November 10, 2022
Nintendo Looking Past Video Games As It Expands November 10, 2022
Nintendo counting on forays beyond video games to boost fans November 9, 2022
Nintendo counting on forays beyond video games to boost fans November 9, 2022
Top 25 Most Anticipated Video Games of 2023 November 9, 2022
REVIEW: Elden Ring surpasses all expectations and sets a new standard for quality in video games November 8, 2022
Report: AEW Fight Forever video game to be released on Xbox Game Pass November 8, 2022
5 video games coming out this week November 8, 2022
Amazon holds a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale for select video games November 7, 2022
‘You can blow cyborg Thatcher up with a rocket launcher’: the video games lampooning Britain’s cursed politics November 7, 2022
Lionsgate Reportedly Plans to Make an AAA John Wick Video Game November 7, 2022
Ross Chastain’s final lap at Martinsville: How ‘video game move’ put driver into NASCAR championship race November 6, 2022
The Journey: Rhamondre Stevenson November 6, 2022
Blood Bowl 3, video game adaptation of the miniatures game, delayed once again November 5, 2022
Wii? More like Woof, as video games for dogs become a thing November 5, 2022
Video Game UI Has Gotten So Bad – The Week in Review November 5, 2022
10 Video Games That Are Totally Different By The End November 4, 2022
Video Game Market Sees Another Unexpected Entry As TikTok Follows Netflix’s Steps November 4, 2022
A Different Way to ‘Play’ Video Games November 4, 2022
EA Will Follow IRON MAN Video Game With Two More Action Adventure Titles Set In The Marvel Universe November 3, 2022
11 PSVR 2 Games Revealed, Including The Dark Pictures, Crossfire, Hello Neighbor November 3, 2022
The World’s First (and Probably Last) Autophagy Video Game November 3, 2022
Electronic Arts Q2 Earnings Highlights: Record FIFA Video Game Franchise Sales, Q3 Guidance And More November 2, 2022
How do video games affect your brain? November 2, 2022
Video game based on Norco, created by DHS alum released as downloads for PlayStation, Xbox November 2, 2022
Marvel’s Kevin Feige Reportedly Dips His Toe Into Video Game Consulting November 1, 2022
The 11 Biggest Video Games Coming in November 2022 November 1, 2022
How Video Games And Comic Books Influenced Cody Rhodes’ Wrestling Style November 1, 2022
Video Games Mental Health Charity Launches Free Online Courses October 31, 2022
Thanksgiving (Video) Games for 2022 October 31, 2022
10 Best Skyscrapers In Video Games October 30, 2022
Video game graphics are a ticking time bomb — the industry needs to focus on art over tech October 30, 2022
Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls Today’s Metaverse a ‘Poorly Built Video Game’ October 29, 2022
10 Impossible Video Games That Shouldn’t Exist October 29, 2022
12 highly anticipated video games releasing in November 2022 October 29, 2022
Crossword puzzles beat computer video games in slowing memory loss October 28, 2022
Research shows video games can actually improve children’s brains October 28, 2022
The 5 Best Bleach Video Games October 28, 2022
Video gaming may be associated with better cognitive performance in children October 27, 2022
Gaymers name the hottest video game characters and WOOF October 27, 2022
Play your way through spooky season with these frightfully fun video games October 26, 2022
Konami’s big Silent Hill plans show how video game franchises are changing October 26, 2022
Fantasy Fight League’s Joe Kania set to launch wrestling video game October 26, 2022
Grown-up gamers hunt for the video games of their childhood October 25, 2022
Microsoft looks to Chinese video games to level up in competition with Sony after missing out on Genshin Impact success October 25, 2022
How video games are bringing orchestral music to new ears October 24, 2022
This new Young Rich Lister is turning big-name films into video games October 24, 2022
Press Play to Start: Horror video game genre revival October 24, 2022
‘How I became the first UN video game expert, and landed the best job in the world’ October 23, 2022
10 Worst Video Game Reboots Of All Time October 23, 2022
How Montreal’s video game industry is changing to meet labour demands October 23, 2022
‘How I became the first UN video game expert, and landed the best job in the world’ October 22, 2022
September 2022 NPD: Sports games top charts, hardware sales soar October 22, 2022
10 Hidden Mechanics That Totally Change Video Games October 22, 2022
Neumann eSports Preps for Video Game Production Major October 21, 2022
Check out our GI Academy video series about careers and life in video game October 21, 2022
Amazon Prime Video will stream NFL Black Friday games starting in 2023 October 20, 2022
Letter from the Editor: Video games don’t cause mass shootings October 20, 2022
Review and Interview: Beam Aboard the Protostar in the New STAR TREK: PRODIGY — SUPERNOVA Video Game! October 19, 2022
5 big video games released in 2022 October 19, 2022
How navigation data is used for video game development October 18, 2022
How the gig economy inspired a cyberpunk video game October 18, 2022
Tips On Improving Video Gaming Skills October 18, 2022
8 Video Game Protagonists Who Act Like Idiots To Advance The Story October 17, 2022
LEGO Bricktales video game review October 17, 2022
Previewing key matchups for the Broncos’ Week 6 game vs. the Chargers October 16, 2022
Valve registers ‘Neon Prime’ as game software trademark October 16, 2022
Scientists taught ‘sentient’ brain cells in a petri dish to play video game Pong October 15, 2022
B.C. researcher helps find link between video games and possibly deadly heart rhythm October 15, 2022
Videogames can potentially trigger cardiac arrest in susceptible children, study finds October 15, 2022
The Epic Games Store’s next free titles have been announced October 14, 2022
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir recorded music for new video game October 14, 2022
Constellation Questions: Talking Starfield with Todd Howard October 14, 2022
The Rezvani Vengeance is a 690bhp seven-seat SUV inspired by video games October 13, 2022
An ‘ambitious’ new D&D game is on the way from Invoke Studios Taylor Hatmaker October 13, 2022
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Video Game Review: An RPG About War, Love, Life and Death October 13, 2022
Mario Is Coming To The Big Screen In The Super Mario Bros. Movie: We Love Movies Based On Video Games! October 10, 2022
Video Games Can Be Very Entertaining October 10, 2022
The Fight To Preserve Video Game History October 10, 2022
Voices behind your favourite video games October 9, 2022
ToeJam & Earl: Back In The Groove Will Be Epic Game Store’s Next Free Game October 9, 2022
YvoCaro Plays: Harsh Reviews for Hokko Life October 9, 2022
Top 10 most popular movies that come from video games October 8, 2022
The 9 Best Cross-Platform PC Games for Mobile Devices October 8, 2022
Pals heard screams through online game as Purdue student Varun Manish Chheda was slain October 8, 2022
Culture And Education Committee Recommends EU Video Game Strategy October 7, 2022
The Epic Games Store has revealed its next free title October 7, 2022
Tales from the Crypto | Listener Response: Crypto in the Gaming World October 7, 2022
If You Love Retro Video Games, You’ll Love This New York Festival If You Love Retro Video Games, You’ll Love This New York Festival If You Love Retro Video Games, You’ll Love This New York Festival October 6, 2022
Video game maker CD Projekt rises after strategy update, share buyback October 6, 2022
Do Video Games Reduce College Stress?4 min read October 6, 2022
High score video games October 4, 2022
New Xbox Games Releasing This Week (October 3rd – October 7th) October 4, 2022
Italian video games, the finalists of the Video Game Student Awards announced October 4, 2022
‘Best kept secret of fitness’: Mobile video games like Pikmin get kids to exercise outdoors October 3, 2022
Modern Gaming Needs Successors – Not Sequels October 3, 2022
We’ve ranked Uncharted video games from best to worst October 3, 2022
Video Games Serve as Crucial Stress Relief for College Students in America October 2, 2022
Netflix is launching its own video games studio October 2, 2022
Overwatch 2’ to ‘Gotham Knights’: 11 of the best video games releasing in October October 2, 2022
Sick of The “Bachelorette?” Let’s Spice It Up With Video Game Men! October 1, 2022
‘Saturnalia’ to ‘Gotham Knights’: 11 best video games releasing in October October 1, 2022
10 Horror Video Games to Scare Your Pants Off This Halloween Part 4 October 1, 2022
All the biggest video game releases in October 2022 September 30, 2022
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